Monday, January 6, 2014

The False Political Arguments of Appeasement for the Masses

Have you noticed recently that we are arguing over silly and ridiculous things which have no bearing on reality? We have filled our political national discussion with dribble, politically false arguments, and social issues which have little if any place in government lawmaking. Our government is to provide safety and stability so that we can maintain freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If we are taking away the rights of our citizens forcing them into a box, they will no longer be free. And yet, we fill up our cable TV news shows, and political events with nonsense. Let's talk.

So why are we putting forth false political arguments? Is it to appease the masses? Do the powers that be think that people are so stupid that the John Q Public can't understand complex arguments and issues of our time? Are our politicians catering to the less informed, by continually informing them less? To what purpose does this serve? There are some things that are just none of government's business, they are personal, private, and social issues which should be dealt with at that level. Why do we need a federal government telling us what to do and micromanaging every single aspect of our lives?

The answer is; we don't.

In fact, that's not the way we set up our nation. Heavy-handed governments which lack freedom and liberty are run like that - we on the other hand need not follow those false forms of authority. This is the United States of America after all. Are we dumbing down the masses by creating the friction of the day? Are you tired of this breaking news nonsense?

Currently in the fourth quarter of 2012 we are arguing over the fiscal cliff. Interestingly enough, it is a deadline that our politicians have set for themselves, because they couldn't agree on living within their means, and where may I ask is the 2013 Federal Budget, their fiscal year has already started, and they are operating our government without a budget - by whose authority?

Now everyone is worried about a created reality by politicians who merely kicked the can down the road so they wouldn't have to deal with it before their reelection campaigns. Today, we have the major news media making a circus out of an event which masks the reality that our government is living beyond its means with no way to pay for it other than raising our taxes.

Rather than fixing the problem before, they've allowed it to continue to a new breaking point, which only means when it comes time to pay the piper, the taxpayer will have to pay more. Did you really vote for that in our last election, because I sure as hell didn't see it on the ballot?

The question is which will come first; mass rioting for future failure to continue to appease the masses, or a tax revolt from those who are working hard, paying in for everyone else, and actually have a vested interest in the continuation of this great nation. Our leaders have failed us, and rather than doing what needs to get done for the right reasons in the right way, all they are doing is running around with their microphones and portable podiums, and often teleprompters too, only to purport further false political arguments to appease the masses.

Those who continue to do this should be labeled unfit to lead, and they should be kicked off the island, or at least off the stage along with their podiums, microphones, and teleprompters - impeachment is an interesting word isn't it, now then what about all the rest of the politicians below that Supreme Leader who would be King? Please consider all this and think on it.