Monday, August 29, 2011

Political Consulting

Political consulting is the business which has grown up around advising and assisting political campaigns, primarily in the United States. As democracy has spread around the world, American political consultants have often developed an international base of clients. Though its most important role is probably in the production of mass media (largely television), political consultants advise campaigns on virtually all of their activities, from research to field strategy.The practice of consulting has several early precedents. President William McKinley's closest political advisor Mark Hanna is sometimes described as the first political consultant. In California in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, Whitaker and Baxter established and grew the first true consulting firm, Campaigns, Inc. However, political consulting blossomed with the increasing use of television advertising for campaign communications in the 1960s. It was in that period that Joe Napolitan claims to have become the first person to describe himself as a political consultant (Perlmutter, ed. Manship Guide to Political Communication, pg19).In the subsequent years, political consulting has grown in importance and influence and extended its reach to campaigns at all levels of government in the United States, and beyond. Many consultants work not only for campaigns, but also for other political organizations, including parties and political action committees, sometimes through independent expenditures; some also do public relations and research work for corporations and governments. In fact, today corporations seeking approval from municipal boards have turned to land use political consultants to help earn need entitlements for their project.Critics also blame political consulting, at least in part, for a variety of ills of the modern election process. In part because broadcast media consultants are often paid on commission, they are blamed specifically for the rising cost of political campaigns and the increasing reliance on paid media. A successful candidate running a low-budget campaign would be a serious economic threat to the political consulting field; such candidates, however, are rare.Left-leaning activists within the Democratic Party, in particular, charge that political consultants are a major obstacle to participatory democracy, political reform, and electoral success for the Democrats. In a much-publicized e-mail on December 9, 2004, the online activist group wrote, "For years, the Party has been led by elite Washington insiders who are closer to corporate lobbyists than they are to the Democratic base. But we can't afford four more years of leadership by a consulting class of professional election losers."Lastly, there is growing professional opposition to what is called a cookie cutter campaign, where the themes and strategies of one campaign are transferred to another campaign, despite what may be major differences in political context. Brian Wright, president of Democrasource, LLC (an Ohio based national political consulting firm specializing in enhanced campaign data strategies and micro-targeting), believes that "it's just a matter of time, campaign communications techniques are evolving so quickly -- anyone sitting on the sidelines or clinging to the last presidential campaign's strategies is done. The book's been rewritten."

Friday, August 26, 2011

Free political essay

A company that wants to write quality political science papers must enhance quality in order to attract its clients. This is very important because quality political science papers guarantee those students pursuing political science success and also attracts prospective customers to also get services from them. A company that does not observe quality in political science papers is voided by most students pursuing political science since most of them who get their services end up performing poorly in school leading poor grades.

Plagiarism is discouraged in most schools .To achieve this a student looking for quality political science papers should ensure that he visits only those companies who have installed a gadget to detect plagiarism in their systems to make sure that the information contained in the essay is based on the current political happenings and not a story that took place in the past.

The essay should be very realistic and attractive touching top cream politicians in a given country. Companies that have installed this gadget have a good reputation since their essay is based on a true political story involving a sensitive political issue. This guarantees academic success to students looking for political science papers.

T o be able to give the best and build a very good reputation with clients in giving quality political science papers a company that wants to meet the needs of its clients should make sure that its staff are fully qualified to do this particular job. They should be holders of masters’ degree in political science or doctorate degrees in the same field of study from a recognized university and well equipped with knowledge and skills in politics.

With this kind of personnel the company is able to handle any form of assignment in a very efficient manner and also observe the quality of political science papers. Students pursuing political science who source their services can rest assured of good performance in school leading to good grades in political science. A company whose authors are not adequately equipped with qualified personnel to handle this form of work cannot be able to offer attractive political science papers. This paints a bad reputation to such a company since it fails to achieve the goals of its customers which eventually lead to poor performance to students taking political science.

A company that offers political science papers to students should always observe time. A student who has a passion and a vision to pass in political science should go for a company that respects the time for its clients .This is very important because, political science papers which are submitted late do not earn any marks to the students leading to poor performance in school. If political science papers are submitted on good time a student will have time to go over them trying to counter check for any mistake or error which might need correction or revision for that matter. This is of great significance as it makes sure that political science papers submitted by the student are correct and accurate hence the student can rest assured of good marks in school leading to good grades in political science.

A student looking for the best qualities of a company that offers the best political science papers should go for a company whose writers work is free from any form of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes which highly reduces the quality of political science papers.

Authors should also be conversant with different referencing techniques in order to come up with quality political science papers.

When addressing political science essays it is vital to make sure that your essay is attractive and interesting for example involving politicians who are charismatic, orators with unique personalities who will capture the attention of many. This makes the essay to be outstanding.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Politics of Good Men

Many people who are living in our society today are of the idea that the best thing that could happen is to have the government to take more control of our lives.  They accept the notion that it is OK to relinquish certain rights and liberties so as to allow the government dictate certain aspects in everyone's lives.  This, by any means, is not conventional wisdom and flies in the face of what America was founded on and what the word freedom means to many of us.

Freedom is best ascribed for man in the following way, to be left alone, to pursue one's own ends for one's own motives.  It is said that it should up to the individual to determine what is best for him in his life.  I believe that many would agree that many of the rights we have as human beings are God given and they cannot be taken away by anyone, organization or governmental body.

If our society would take a closer look at society itself, take a moment to figure out what is going on in then people would be absolutely amazed at how deep the deception is. Yes there is a deception going on. This is occurring openly on an unknowing general public for political as well as state power.  I am quite sure that most see the way our government is behaving in an unfavorable light, and it's nothing less than despicable.  We have government officials embroiled in: tax evasion, pay for play, lying, obfuscation, disregard for the constitution, enforcing their personal belief systems so as to be fair or fairer to one group over another.  This is no way for man or government to be and certainly is no way for men in power to behave. As it is, it should not be an acceptable practice that the most corrupt few tell everyone else how to live, what to do, and in the process usurp natural freedoms.

If man were true to righteousness then we would have fair and just systems in place. Those systems would never fail and the reason would be because man's purity and obligation to do good. However, this is not the case, man is not pure, he is not capable of resisting every vice, and with some men, as it has been shown throughout history, have the vice of power.  When a man of power attains a feeling of entitlement, empowerment or omnipotence then we have a man who could be prone to do great evil upon his fellow man based on his personal beliefs. 

Since man is imperfect it is fair to say that men can be evil, and no matter how well intentioned a man is he can stray away from righteousness when he attempts to impose his own personal beliefs on others.  It makes me wonder what will it take to make men in power come to the realization that their highest obligation is to always do good. This is very simple to understand and is considered one of the First Principles of the politics of good men.

 It was stated long ago, 

"Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it" - William Pitt

Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to Create Political Blog

Since long time now, you all might be hearing a lot of information about blogging and the money making opportunities it grants. Some people publish their everyday pursuits as blogging, while some purposely pick a subject and preserve the beneficial blogs posted online. If you are a portion time writer or a professional blogger, you have the opportunity of generating money steadily and progressively. For some individuals composing blogs means, having shared the information that is quite unimportant more alike an issue taken from their underwear. This kind of blogging is not going to write in regards to money making, since blogging is all about info and essence of the topic you are about to discuss. Several bloggers display keen interest in writing political blogs that are fascinating, up-to-date and unique too.Creating a political blog is not easy at all, since the every information you supply should be intriguing to examine and enlightening with the info source. Best thing of political blog creating is, the blogs ought to be written amusing in such a way it grabs the attention of the viewers who is not really a lot cared about politics and also the people who are fond of realizing about politics too. If you are significant about political blogging, then take a notice of the subsequent factors to make your blog very successful:First and the foremost factor, you really should be interested in politics for writing political blogs. A layman with out any interest in politics couldn't make his blog that significantly successful since it is all about info, info and info again. This doesn't mean that you ought to be an expert politician to write the info on politics, instead you should be interested in politics and the most important thing is you really should know at least some information about politics too Politics enthusiast can effortlessly cover the subjects which will grab the attention of the visitors and this in turn aids them to carry readers across the world.If you are about to write the good aspects of the political party, then see what are all the great they are undertaking for you and list them out then and there in your political blog. In case if you are going to share both the pros and cons of political party, then find out some promising information about how poor the public is influenced by the politicians and how badly people endure. You really should entirely comprehend the theme and concept of your blog and maintain writing the information that is sizzling and present. When your suggestions are clean and total, composing a political blog is simple and doesn't get significantly of your time at all. Plan and make your political blog an superb resource pool and commence making money online.

Friday, August 12, 2011

2007 Trends in Politics

The year 2007 will be a pivotal point in present period politics for the United States of America. The Iraq conflict will continue to take center stage and the economy will cool down, while the Presidential Administration will have to determine how to deal with Syria and Iran, the insurgency and nuclear weapons in the hands of International Terrorists. Indeed, every year has its political events and each election cycle has its overriding points of contention.

The Midterm 2006 Elections changed the playing field, as the Democrat Modern Liberals took back seats in both the Congress and the Senate to win the majority. Of course even with a robust economy much of the elections focus was on the media's version of the conditions in Iraq and the United States involvement there. In 2006 we observed unabashed personal attacks on the Bush Administration in the media with a level of hate rhetoric never seen.

Guerilla politics ruled the day as the 2006 political year faded away.

The democrats with the majority will have to make good on this claims to lead the way in 2007. Unlike after the 2004 elections in 2005 where we saw a re-emergence of conservative thinking and Christian Values, after the 2006 Midterm Elections the pendulum swung back and the Democrat Modern Liberal viewpoints of the opposition party re-gained some political control. It cannot be debate that it is important to study the politics of each and every year to determine how this will shape future periods in American Politics and how we can learn from our mistakes and prevent large gaps in political divide that will hurt our nation's forward progression.

In this article we must advise the reader to look at exactly how the opposition party's attacks on the President's Administration, media support and war cries helped the Democrats win so many seats in the Congress and Senate and potentially how this will shape the politics of 2007 and even the 2008 Presidential Election. We will discuss the so-called "Lame Duck" status of the Bush Administration and what this means in terms of the power struggle between parties. I hope you will enjoy this topic on the Politics and Pure Opinions of 2007 with an open mind and understand the challenges created and the future that awaits.

I appreciate your taking the time to read this article and hope you will consider this topic at length. Understanding human politics in the present period will help us understand how to become more efficient, more homogenous and better prepared to handle the crisis which lie ahead. Perhaps this article is of interest to propel thought in 2007?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Historical Political Quotes, Contemporary Political Crises

A little quiz on quotes relating to politics in America, try to figure out who said it and when they said it:

1) In reference to why political parties have lost the confidence of the public: "Their machinery of intrigue, their shuffling evasions, the dodges. the chicanery, and the deception of their leaders have excited universal disgust, and have created a general readiness in the public mind for any new organization that shall promise to shun their vices."

2) Also in reference to why political parties have lost the confidence of the public: people "saw parties without any...difference contending for power, for the sake of power. They saw politics made a profession, and public plunder an employment. They beheld our public works the plaything of a rotten dynasty, enriching gamblers, and purchasing power at our expense."

3) "It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except for Congress."

4) "The government, which was designed for the people, has got into the hands of the bosses and their employees, the special interests. An invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy."

5)"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies."

6) "An election cannot give the country a firm sense of direction if it has two or more national parties which merely have different names but are as alike in their principles and aims as two peas in a pod."

Great quotes, all of them. Unfortunately, it seems as if we are living everyone one of them today. The interesting thing is that these quotes are quite historical, not contemporary:

1) According to the Real Politics website, this quote was from the book, "The Origins of the Republican Party" by William E. Gienapp and the quote is dated from 1855. The New York Times called it "dodges", today we call it "spin doctoring." The Times called it "universal disgust," we call it having Congressional approval ratings around only 20%. The Times called it "chicanery", we call it a variety of names including earmarks and outright corruption. It is remarkable how closely a quote from 155 years ago captures the nightmare we are living through today with our political class.

2) This quote is also from the Gienapp, also from 1855, and it appeared in the New York Evening Post. This also captures our current state of political affairs. We also see most of our politicians vying only for power, not for the opportunity to make the country better. With their high salaries, great benefits, many, many perks, our current day politicians fit the Post's description that politicians "saw politics made a profession, and public plunder an employment." Without term limits, our politicians see being elected not as a service to the nation but as a life time job. And their gerrymandering Congressional districts, rigging campaign finance laws, and handing out taxpayer dollars as earmarks allows them to ensure perpetual re-election, regardless of the quality of their work.

3) This third quote is from Mark Twain and is obviously well over a hundred years old. However, even back then he realized that the power allocated to politicians many times results in outright criminal behavior. Congressmen Traficant, Jefferson, Cunningham and other Congressional politicians have served time due to their corrupt and unlawful behavior while in office. How many former Illinois governors have either served prison time, are currently serving time, or are aggressively trying not to serve prison time? Charles Rangel and Maxine Walters, two current members of Congress, are likely to face a House Of Representatives trial within the next few months on ethics and corruption charges. The House ethics office has investigated or is currently investigating potential crimes by other members of Congress. The more you list out what has happened to our contemporary politicians, you marvel at how right Mark Twain may have been way back when.

4) This quote is from Woodrow Wiilson who said it early in the last century. At that time, he realized the influence that non-voting entities can and do have on government functions and corruption. Wilson called them "special interests," we call them lobbyists.

5) My source attributed this quote to Groucho Marx and is likely more than fifty years old also. Back then, even comedians like Groucho recognized that politicians were not any good at identifying the root causes of problems, if a problem even existed, and then putting together a coherent, efficient and cost effective plan to solve that problem. Our politicians are no different:

Nixon declared War On Drugs in the 1960s and we are no closer today to having a coherent national drug strategy and policy than the day he declared war.
Carter muddled through the oil crises in the 1970s and we are no closer to having a coherent, national energy strategy and policy than we were when we waited in long lines at gas stations.
Reagan identified the problems with public education with a Presidential Commission in 1983 and 27 years later, U.S. public schools badly trail many, many other nations in the education of their children.
Clinton presided through numerous terrorist attacks including the first World Trade Center bombing and the African embassy bombings and never came up with a coherent terror defense policy and strategy, resulting in the death of almost 3,000 Americans on 9-11.
Over the years over 10 million illegal aliens have come across our borders with no politician able to come up with a coherent immigration strategy and plan.
Unfortunately, Groucho was right back then and he would be right today if he saw the incompetence of today's politicians.

6) This last quote is from Franklin Delano Roosevelt and is at least 65 years old. When you really come down to it, are the Republican politicians much different from the Democrats? Sure they pick their friends and identify their enemies, e.g. Republicans are generally pro-life and pro-guns while Democrats are generally pro-choice and anti-guns. But when you look at their records, neither party has accomplished much of anything positive over the past fifty years. Just look at what we listed above under Groucho's quote: no solutions to the drug, immigration, terrorist, public school and energy problems. The only reason they pick their friends is to get money to finance their constant re-election, not to solve any meaningful problems.

While Obama the candidate promised change you can believe in, Obama the President is hardly any different than Bush. Obama drew down U.S. forces in Iraq but it was on the timetable Bush established. Bush set up the terrorist prison in Guantanamo and so far, Obama has kept it open. Our border still leaks illegal immigrants and we still have no new policy or plan for energy or public schooling. Bush enacted the Patriot Act and Obama basically rubber stamped its renewal. Gay rights are no further along under Obama than under Bush and the amount of earmarks in our national budget is as high under Obama as under Bush. The only significant difference between Bush and Obama is that the Obama administration has run up spending deficits orders of magnitude higher than Bush.

This is why the whole area of U.S. politics can get so depressing. The incompetence and corruption we face today appears to have been going on for a long, long time. The only difference may be is that government is so much larger, wasteful, and intrusive then it was in 1855 or when Twain, Roosevelt, Marx, and Wilson spoke their quotes above. That is why we need to find a way to start shrinking the size of government immediately in order to start cutting back on the corruption and waste that apparently is inherent in the genes of all politicians:

Step 1 - start the government shrinkage process by reducing all government functions and budgets by 10% a year for the next five years.

Step 2 - aggressively step up fraud and corruption activities in all government areas, hopefully including the investigation of fraud and corruption from our elected officials.

Step 3 - implement term limits for all politicians in order to avoid the problem discussed in the Post quote above, i.e. politics should not be a profession, it should be a temporary calling and service calling.

Steps 4 - set up intelligent problem solving processes to systematically attack and solve the problems that politicians have been unable to solve with their own capabilities and intelligence including drugs, energy, schooling, and immigration.

Hopefully by implementing these steps we will eventually end up with contemporary solutions to our problems and finally put to rest the historically pessimistic view of our political class.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Political exposure with political robocalls on G-Tel Solutions, Callfire, and My Voice Dialing Auto Dialers.

Election Campaign Wins with Automated calling: Auto Dialing and its Impact in United states Politics.More often than not, in political campaigns all over the globe are done in different views and styles. In democratic nations such as Indonesia, Thailand, and France, candidates usually utilize TV, radio, and the Internet to advertise themselves and promised platforms when they get selected. As for single-party nations, political campaigns do not exist within nominees since the members of the political party and the head of state would decide to appoint people within their political party. After all, the election campaigns of single-party states would target more on social welfare and fighting the state's problems. As for the States, political parties and candidates use TV, radio, the Web, and phone calls.The use of phone calls like mobile phones and the land-line phone counterparts is a matchless way to encourage political agenda. And to make phone call campaigns convenient, political parties use a tool called auto dialer, which automates telephone number dialing to send and receive phone calls through landline and mobile networks. When the call is started, the device will deliver messages in either 2 methods: a robocall, known as voice broadcasting, or text messaging. Automated calls are known for identifying voices by distinguishing them if the messages are from live human calls or answering machines. Desktop and PC computers can become automatic dialing machines when they are coupled to a modem or a telephony card. There are software designed to make available autodialler-like features to communicate to physical phone lines. Nevertheless, you can save funds while resorting to the Web and Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as auto call dialing methods. Auto dialers have changed the way American. candidates market themselves towards the elections. Throughout United states. history, political candidates, ranging from congress to presidential, have utilized different means of campaigning: US Mail, riding trains, horseback riding, radios, and even through musicians hired to play music devoted to the nominee and his/her heroic past, present, and upcoming roles for a city/town, county, state, or nation. Since phone calls have been used commercially in the Nineteen Seventies, congressional, gubernatorial, senatorial, and presidential political candidates have utilized automatic dialing systems to multiply their campaign guarantees and political platforms. And when Internet had reached the commercial level in 1996, election political candidates, along with their associates and/or supporting parties they are under, have used websites and campaign web pages to advertise themselves to internet audiences, though candidates still use predictive dialing systems for those who use landline telephones. The beginning of the first VoIP software by Pennydials in 2007 had brought about U.S. companies to makevarious options for voice-based communication betweentelephones through the use of the World wide web. The increase of VoIP has led to the resurgenceof voice broadcasting. Since the year 2000, telecommunication firms such as G-Tel Solutions have formedpolitical contact facilities to aid political candidates in campaign actions like absentee ballot notifications, campaign fundraising, and volunteer message broadcasting. Auto dialing systems have been a factor to landslide election victories including the 2008 presidential appointment victory of Democratic nomineeBarack Obamaover his Republican counterpart, John McCain. Automatic dialers systems has changedthe landscapingof U.S. political campaigns. And still if new political campaigns extend to new mobile devices such as the Apple iPad, these auto phone systems are here to reside for the political parties' huge achievement.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Political Debate for Political Minds

International Politics is a significant study in political science. With the help of engaging International debate, you can sharpen your knowledge and understanding regarding this field. You can get all those required expertise using such type of politics.In International politics, only two types of tenets constructivism theories are accepted, if we take the first, the primarily shared ideas and notion rather than the material forces determined the structures of human connection. It represents an idealist approach to the social life and gives new directions to the life and living style. Second one is related to hoist or structuralism, they just emphasize on the emergent power of social structures.If you want to get something from politics then you had better understand above-mentioned two basic theories because these two theories revolve around the main theme of politics. It will be useful for you to go through these mentioned theories in detail.If you have dying need about discussing and expressing, your ideas for the future of your country and the entire world then you can take this simple way. With the help of politics forums, you can catch a chance to give your political opinion to the other people.You can share your experience and feelings by taking part in the live online debate. Now, there are many chances to do so because this field has touched the bottom of knowledge and given people more sense about its usage.â??Things come with various and different angles, while you start thinking about them politicallyâ??You will find that political talk is too different from other types of discussions because in it, you have to take control over all the latest issues and matter globally. It is important for a person to get through complete guides while learning politics. It is good for all of those who are going to take part in the International politics.It is right, countries and their political behavior is not alike however, no one can deny the structural and social need of politics in the making of nations and countries integrity. Live programs are aired to bring awareness in the people about the working of it in the world.