Sunday, January 5, 2014

Politics of India and Criminalization

India is the largest democracy of the world. The politics of India, however, has constantly come under the threat of criminalization. In fact, it can be well said that it's almost on the brink of losing all credibility with the best minds of the country staying away from politics. Presenting a flawless political situation has almost become an unrealized dream in India.

It was not such a situation at the time of independence of India. At that time, real patriots served Indian politics. But down the years, politics of India began to take an ugly turn and criminalization was increasingly witnessed in political activities. To speak the truth, Indian politics has turned into a powerhouse that gives absolute power to only a handful of people. This in turn, has facilitated the criminal minds and corrupt officials to grab the opportunity and hold the power corridors at ransom. The power of the criminals involved in politics has become so big that politicians can hardly ignore them. Not only that, these criminals are now entering the politics of India themselves and contesting for the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and other elected representatives' bodies. Worse still, they are exerting their influence and winning the seats.

While in the open space, public forums and popular debates there's always an unquestionable opinion of not allowing any criminals to have any say in the politics of India, the reality is somewhat different. The daily papers, TV channels and other media are flashing news and reports to the contrary. What are the people of the country doing with so many criminals and those with a criminal background are being chosen as public representatives.

It doesn't seem like that those involved in Indian politics are concerned with getting votes and welfare of the people has taken a backseat. They are exerting a big influence on the voters and bagging the requisite number of votes to get elected. Even season politicians of India are taking the help of criminals to inject fear in the minds of the people. It's only the number of votes that matter to them. The criminals with their widespread network often help the politicians with arms and manpower to wrest control a big section of people.

Of late, however, there has been some encouraging news for the politics of India. Several top honchos of Indian politics have been exposed of corruption and their involvement with criminals. Maybe these are the first steps to cleanse Indian politics of corruption and criminals. The Indian population can surely look forward to better days when learned and well educated people will again start to make notable contributions towards the welfare of the people. And that would surely usher in better days for the politics of India.