Saturday, December 31, 2011

Political Science

A political essay is a precise text that is aimed at commenting on a particular political issue a theory. Also, a political essay comment on practice. Political essay are common among students taking political science courses. Also, the political essay is common in composition classes. Students find it difficulty to write a political essay. This is because the students make the wrong argument. Most students assume a political essay is an argumentative essay. This in turn affects the quality of the political essay as the students do not know how to present their ideas. The students assume that a political essay should persuade the reader to a specific issue as it an argumentative essay.

A political essay is not necessary an argumentative essay. A political essay can take different forms, but it does not need to be an argument.

For example, a political essay can be an expository essay. Also, a political essay can be an essay that is aimed at informing people about a particular issue. Most students perform poorly because they make assumptions that are not true. Most of the political essay deals with politics in one way or another. But, this  does not mean that  the  political essay is  rooted  on views  of  various  political  parties  or  political  issues. Politics involve issues, topics and practices that are linked to the government and the government culture. This implies that a political essay can be an issue that is common in the political field. For example, capitalism and communism. In addition, a political essay can deal with issues like leadership styles and political agreement. Students should choose the right topic when writing a political essay. The topic of the political essay should be related to the course. For example, students can discuss issues affecting the government in a political science course that focuses on governmental issues. Students have opted to get political essay from companies that offer political essay. A company offering political essay should have the right qualities.

The company offering political essay should have qualified political essay writers. The writers should be able to write political essay that addresses the needs of the student. The political essay should address the needs of the reader. When writing an argumentative essay, the writer should state his or her arguments courtly. An argumentative essay should be written well. The writer should support his or her points using relevant content. Students are supposed to submit quality political essay. The writer should ensure the political essay has no grammatical mistakes. Also the political essay should not be plagiarized. When writing an expository political essay, the writer should include the views of the reader in the essay. The writer should ensure the political essay meets the student’s needs and instructors needs.

In addition, the writer should use the right sources when writing the political essay. For example, the writer should use both secondary and primary sources when writing political essay. Students are supposed to use the right sources when writing political essay. The instructors grade students political essay according to the content of the essay and the sources used. Students who submit low quality political essay get low marks. Also students who submit political essay that are not cited properly get low marks. The company should ensure the student is satisfied with the quality of the political essay before paying for it. Also, the company should have the  right system to  address clients needs. Clients have different needs that need to be addressed.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Are You Politically Incorrect?

Do you wonder if you should open the door for a woman, let them go first, pay for their meal? (Admittedly, this first part is for men, but don't let that stop you women from reading on. )

Why do you wonder? You open the door for someone out of respect. You let someone go ahead of you out of respect. You pay for their meal because you want to. OR - You DON'T. It's that simple.

A successful person once said, "If you follow the crowd, you walk in the crowd's doo doo." Another way of putting it might be, if you do what everyone else does, you might think you're right, but if you're not true to yourself, you are wrong.

Constantly trying to be politically correct is too big of a hassle, don't you think? The rules are always changing. Not only that, but maybe the other person has a different interpretation of what is politically correct.

Who is right?

Good feelings should promote your actions, because good feelings usually promote good actions.

If you are doing something for someone because you think that is what they want, you have a chance of being wrong. We can't always know what the other person wants -- even if you've been with this person for a long time. That person could have changed his or her ways overnight and they didn't tell you. Remember this, most people will respect you more if you do something for them... because you want to do something for them.

You need to find your base. You need to know who you are. You need to know what is acceptable to YOU. In other words, be true to yourself.

If you are intent on being your own person, on being the best you can be, you won't have to wonder what is correct. Stick to your values.

Realize that this game, "If I do this, then you'll do that, and I'll get this, etc." isn't any fun anymore.

Play your own game. A game called, "Is this something I can be proud of?" Or, "Would I want someone to do this for, or to, me?" Determine what's more important -- doing what's right for you, or doing what's politically correct.

Never lose your faith in yourself.

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Achieve Political Success Through A Promotional Product Political Campaign

All political candidates may not agree on political, societal or economic issues, but it is safe to infer political candidates agree that a successful political campaign builds public support and success.Political campaigns, similar to marketing campaigns, must use effective and useful slogans in order to grasp a typically uninterested audience. In order to do so, political candidates need to get up and work for support. How can Barack Obama or Rudy Giuliani accomplish this, you inquire? Well, that is simple - through political promotional products!The single most important thing to accomplish in any campaign, whether it is a marketing campaign or political campaign, is name recognition. A political candidate will never achieve success if no one knows who they are. A simple way for a political candidate to accomplish name recognition is by using promotional products in their political campaign. Two very simple and common ways to do this is through using catchy political signs in yards or bumper stickers on cars. Other promotional products ideal for a political campaign are buttons. These three promotional products can effectively promote any political candidates name at home, while driving and while walking around.Every political candidate wants to ensure their constituents are able to quickly identify the issues their political campaign supports. This may seem easy at the surface, but it is not. The current political campaign for president is filled with multiple potential political candidates. All of these potential political candidates have very different views on a myriad of issues. In order for political candidates to effectively clarify what issues they support, they could consider printing their causes on different colored awareness bracelets. This way, supporters and political candidate alike would be able to quickly identify which issues are important and to whom. Another way issue recognition can be clarified is through political balloons. Balloons have been used in political campaigns for years, but that is because they are easily noticeable, readable and depending on their size, can be seen for miles.Trying to decide what promotional products to give at conventions or election night? A great promotional product that is perfect for outdoor conventions is a hand fan. A politically themed hand fan can allow potential voters to sit in the comfort of a cool breeze while they listen to a political candidate's speech. Looking for a perfect promotional product for election night? Get a plethora of stress balls to hand out to political campaign workers and supporters. A political stress ball can help calm everyone's minds as the voting numbers roll in through the evening.Political campaigns may be stressful and time consuming for political candidate, but through using political promotional products, getting voters attention can be simple.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Politics of Change

I am not only fascinated by politics, but by the politics of change, if there is one unchanging motif that runs through the common history of man, it is that everything changes, except change itself. How we change, and its process tells us more about who we are as nations and individuals and it is that fearful but persistent change that tells us not only who we are, but who we were and perhaps who we might be. I know many have distaste to all things political, because of the common association with corruption and scandal which pervades the political society. It is true that politics unfortunately is inhabited by desperate men and women who abuse the power entrusted to them, and many of them, not all of them are circus elephants.

But does that mean one should despair with and ignore politics?

It does surprise me that when I talk to people who are by their own right apathetic towards politics, they consider it to be some new age phenomenon, or when I speak with devout religious persons who consider that politics as it is today was not apparent in the days of the Moses, Mohammed or Guru Nanak.

When people ask me why I am so interested in politics, I recall my first lesson in Government and Politics when I was 16, my lecturer Mr. McSweeny, broke politics down to "who gets what says who". Who gets what says who in society and on this planet should be a concern of everyman or woman who has a life to lead and a family to feed.

To ignore politics is to test that old French proverb " if you do not do politics, politics will certainly do you". As Aristotle observed, one of the many penalties of refusing to engage in politics is to allow yourself to be ruled be inferior individuals than yourself.

That is why I always pay close attention to the politics of today, simple labels immersed in complex situations always require the closest attention, lest one be girded in the whirlwind of propaganda, where the myths are legion and the truth of the matter very hard to find.

Myths are found in conflicts regional or religious, the global market system, which hitherto stands victorious operates under a pretext of myth or confidence, but of course we must be free to interpret the language we hear and the actions we see, but we must always arm ourselves with how and why although rarely are these two propositions ever satisfied in the hearts of men.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Begin The Plan Early For Political Science College Degree From Popular Universities

Political Science diplomas range from an Associate's Degree program all the way to a Doctoral Level College degree. The world of Political Science is continually changing, which implies that even lifetime individuals should return to university every so often. Hence , many political science schools offer certificate programs allowing specialists can go and become knowledgeable on the most up-to-date ideas of the Political Science world.Its in this phase in a young person's schooling that he/she is subjected to a wide variety of ability , therefore establishing diversity and efficiency. The most essential of these capabilities is one's capability to conduct thorough and reliable research. Whether one is writing reports or thinking of political prospects, reliable research is a critical first step toward fulfilling any task. The newly arrived Information Age requires excellence in oral and written communication skills, which the Political Science degree will offer to any young individual. Being able to communicate with potential voters is absolutely important , whether the young person is a politician, attorney, or political pundit. Poli-Sci majors also develop a comprehensive analysis of government systems. Young people of this program master to view politics through the global eye, evaluating how worldwide and native standards interact with each other. This is essential as understanding the global community's law regulations and, by extension, their societies will ensure peaceful and prosperous relations of all the world's nations.It is not a new major; it's been around since the Ancient Greek and Roman government authorities. Thus, government has and will normally be a part of the Earth's cultures, which ensures certain work in a wide range of fields to the graduating Political Science majors from top political science schools. Beginning Political Scientists usually work as analysts, supplying a political applicant with the important information for a speech or debate. Teachers will probably be required to train the material both at the high university and school level. Judges, attorneys, and press secretaries all develop from the completion of a Political Science degree program. Numerous select not to hold office. Instead, they become political commentators who write best-selling books or run talk shows in order to strengthen politics viewpoints to prospective voters who may be unenlightened about different governmental candidates.To conclude, this major is the many helpful for a young person to take for a profession in the future because nation-wide politics will continue to have a place in all the world's cultures, ensuring a place of work for the masters. ability taught during training will serve the young individual through school, work, and life.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Career in political science

After completing the senior secondary schooling, a student is always very worried about his career and looks for the career options, which suits him the best. There are many opportunities, which a student can choose and opt as his career. The interest of the student and the availability of seat in the college also make a difference to what a student ends up in choosing his career as. The colleges in India provide a number of courses, to students for pursuing their career in, but there is limited number of seats in every college, which again confines the admission of students into their desired college. There are three basic fields, which sub divides into many and further provide a vast number of career opportunities to students. Among all the fields of science, commerce and arts, Arts is the field, which is supposed to be the easiest in terms of education. The field of arts, are generally based on the study of the human behaviour in different situations, and has subjects like social science, political science, economics, etc. Other than the subjects relating to communications, management, social sciences, students these days have been seen taking interest in the political structure of the society. Political science is the study of the political behaviour, system and the political structure of the country or an organisation. The need of youngsters and their innovative ideas in shaping and refining the political situation of the country has motivated more of the students to opt political sciences as their subjects for college education. There are undergraduate as well as post graduate courses available in the subject of political science. There are many colleges in India, which provide corresponding courses in political science. It's not only the government or the political parties, where a student can work after doing a course in political sciences. The students with degrees in political science are called political scientists and have a huge scope in both the government and the private sectors of the country.The colleges in India, focuses on all the modern aspects of the study with respect to political science. Starting from the old structure or the phenomenon, the students are taught the ongoing developments, plus what changes are required to keep the country growing, with a better prospect and redefining its political structure. The students are given classes on human rights, intellectual property rights, social laws, etc, which are highly important for the succession of the country in the right direction. Few of the colleges in India, which provide political science course, are: Delhi College of Arts and Commerce St, Xavier's College, Kolkata Bhavan's College, Andheri West, Mumbai  College of Fine Arts, Thiruvanandapuram  Presidency College, Kolkata Lady Sri Ram College for Women, New Delhi Garden City College, Bangalore:  Hans Raj College, New Delhi Madras Christian College, Chennai Ramjas College, New Delhi Fergusson College, PuneThe aspirants for the career in political sciences, should have great general knowledge, plus should be able to interpret and perceive things well. Thinking in a positive manner and for the benefits of the citizens is the top most priority of the people involved in the political lead of the country. Other than the political field of the country, students can also have a flourishing career with the organisations like banks, consultancies, law firms, social research work organisations, embassies, colleges and institutes, etc. The career scope of the students with political science as their subject is quite bright, and the students must possess the values of truthfulness and loyalty. Also, the students, should be able to bond well with people and should have an optimistic approach towards the works assigned to them and should always think about the betterment of the society.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Indian Politics

The Indian political system has come a long way since it got independence in 1947. Forming a constitution in itself was a great achievement and the first step to development. Though India is still developing, but it can be said that she has come a long way since independence.

She is standing tall on her feet after being a crippled colony for over a century by building the constitution, forming central and state governments and building the whole concept of administration and economy starting from zilch, which is a great achievement. Sadly though, the current state of politics has nullified the effect of these initial steps and the people of India itself abhor the administration phenomena altogether.

From Indians standing united against the British rule we have come to a point where we are now nothing more than some communist standing only for grouped sections of society.

It wouldn't be wrong if I replace the 'way' in the above sentence with 'wrong way'.

Indian politics is now not only synonymic with corruption, red tape-ism, and opportunist leaders, there is more to it. There are leaders still, who do their bit religiously and not for the benefit of some sect. The government today stands on support of many hands, that for some is a disadvantage, and in some cases it is so, but in others, doesn't it simply means joining hands for the betterment of the country?

The Indian politics has attained such a pessimist's attitude lately that it has become hard for the Indian public to believe in this republic and her leaders!

Indians just don't see anything positive in the steps taken and reforms adopted. Maybe it's just a bitter effect of the bad experiences in the past! But I think that Indians should not give up hope.

We are equally responsible for the current state of India as much as the leaders.

We don't act in responsible ways.

We don't vote.

We don't protest against things they think are wrong.

We don't behave responsibly and litter around anywhere that they possibly can.

We don't treat public property properly!

If I go on in this fashion, the list would be endless but the punch that I want to make here is not the complaining that we all can do, but the effort.

Lets all stand tall to remove all the loopholes!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Europe, Politics, and Religion

The face of Europe has been defined by countless wars due to religion and politics. They are the most significant factors that form the contours of the continent ever since its political history started. Wars cloaked in the name of religion were waged numerous times resulting to millions of murder cases. On top of this great loss of human life, grief, suffering, and material loss were part of the general destruction brought about by European religion and politics. Some of the most glaring cases of such conflicts were Hitler's Final Solution which massacred about 6 million Jews, and the crusade for the Holy Grail which left millions affected, including hundreds of thousands of people killed and wounded. Although the two World Wars, which also resulted to several millions of people greatly affected, were not directly products of religion and politics mixing, they were said to be the start of weakening of religion. The era of industrialization in the past century brought gradual decline to the influence of religion in Europe's political sphere. Or so most people thought. Religion has always been an inherent aspect in the life of everyone in the continent; it has even become an even potent force that can engineer political changes in Europe at the start of the 21st century.Examples of conflicts due to religion and politics The Irish Civil War is one of the best examples of a conflict due to the mix of politics and religion. This decades-long war was waged between Catholics and Protestants, with each side claiming they are on good side. Affecting millions of lives, the Irish civil war is just one of the many conflicts around the world between Protestants and Catholics. Another influential factor that still resonates in the bullrings of many European states even today was the catastrophic anti-Jewish activism initiated by Hitler before and during the Second World War. The effect of Hitler's fervent anti-Semitism was the mass murder of 6 million Jews. The cause was Nazism, viewed almost as a religion, but fortunately a failed one, in Germany and its occupied states at the height of Hitler's reign. Both sad incidents all stem from a basic problem of religion spilling over the influence of politics in the continent. The religious unrest in Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia also resulted to a number of genocide cases, instability to the region for several years, and Balkanization or the birth of smaller Balkan states.Today's form of religious and political unrest The present issue on terrorism actually comes from religious matters that overlap into the political sphere. Islam fundamentalism is the manifestation of incompatibility of religion and politics. This problem has grown to such extreme that no country in the world today is spared from it. The growing animosity between Islam and other major religions affects other aspects of life. Personal religious differences can sometimes spark into bigger conflicts ranging from simple street fights to country-wide inter-religious upheavals.As a personal note, there should always be a clear-cut boundary between politics and religion. Although this is easier said than done, governments must ensure that civic activities such as the Australian Federal Election, or any other national elections in countries should be properly defined to minimize religious and political mix.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Portraits for Political Figures


Portrait artists are some of the most award artists that are around today. Some of the certain types of portraits commission with portrait artists are political portraits. In fact there are many famous portrait artists who specialize in on doing certain types of portraits. For portrait artists to be commissioned to do that particular type of art, they would have to be very experienced and come highly recommend by some very influential people.

There are so many more names to choose from, these are just some to show that if you are able to get just one break you too could be painting political portraits and making yourself famous. Some of the well known people that have had paintings completed by portrait artists from American politics are the honorable Ms Hillary Clinton, Lawrence Eagleburger & James A. Baker, the then president Bill Clinton, President Gerald Ford, and the then Secretary of State Colin Powell.

It is said that you can spend days in the building just walking around looking at the portraits of all the past presidents. With so many influential people who have been in the white house, they have dedicated a special room just for portraits; they say that there are several portraits of previous presidents throughout the building and home.

Although presidents and major political people have lots of memories and material things that they can take with them, there is something very special about hand painted family portraits. It doesn't matter where you move to, or who you are it is very special to have a family heirloom such as a portrait to hand down to your children and eventually your grandchildren. Family portraits can capture what was going on in your life at that time and they have the ability to capture private intimate moments that are kept out of prying eyes. Most of the presidents and their families have had at least two portraits taken and will have the best piece of memorabilia to take with them when they do leave the white house.

Most people take their privacy and freedom for granted, if you are a political figure, as we have all read at one time or another there is no such thing as privacy and there is very little private time that you can share with your family. How nice would that be for political families that get to have very few private moments?


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Watch Politics of Love movie Online Free

Politics of Love is a comedy romance inspired by the slew of publicly documented election love stories that sprung up during Obama's Presidential push. The plot follows the fortunes of a campaign team caught up in a whirlwind of euphoric romances.Politics makes strange bedfellows, but never stranger than when a month before the 2008 U.S. Presidential election, a beautiful, idealistic local Obama volunteer coordinator reluctantly falls for her Republican counterpart: a , savvy, African American conservative.Sparks fly, tempers flares, heads turn, and romance blossoms for this mismatched pair of campaigners in the frantic and intoxicating days leading up to Election Day. Can the politics of love conquer all?A comedy romance inspired by the slew of publicly documented election love stories that sprung up during Obama's Presidential push. The plot follows the fortunes of a campaign team caught up in a whirlwind of euphoric romances. The world's hottest election just got much hotter… Politics has never been this … She was swift-boated by -tape! - Politics makes strange bedfellows, but never stranger than when, a month before the 2008 U.S. Presidential election, Kyle Franklin, a , savvy, African American conservative falls for his Democrat counterpart, Aretha Gupta, a beautiful, idealistic local Obama volunteer coordinator. Sparks fly, tempers flares, heads turn, and romance blossoms for this mismatched pair of campaigners in the frantic and intoxicating days leading up to Election Day. Can the politics of love conquer all?POLITICS OF LOVE via Video On Demand (VOD) beginning September 1, 2011. This platform provides film properties with a unique means to capture massive viewing audiences in more than 100 million homes. The film will be in the VOD space for a two week window before heading to DVD on September 20, 2011.As the U.S. election campaigns get underway, POLITICS OF LOVE is a whimsical reminder of the historic 2008 season in which Barack Obama and John McCain faced off in a heated battle for the hearts and minds of America. Watch Politics of Love Movie OnlineWildly popular Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat shines as Aretha Gupta, an Indian- American woman returning home to work in her parents' restaurant after a career disappointment, only to find herself caught up in the fervor of a local Obama campaign. A staunch Democrat, she finds herself falling for handsome campaign manager Kyle Franklin (Brian White, Stomp the Yard, TNT's Men of a Certain Age) with just as much passion for the election as she does. The catch? He is the leader of the local Republican Party. As she reconciles her beliefs with her heart, the social and cultural debate rages around her and her family.POLITICS OF LOVE also features the luminous Ruby Dee (American Gangster), and Loretta Devine (Jumping the Broom) as Aretha's loving and outspoken step-mother and grandmother.Netwebsite.In Is A Free Movies Website Where You Can Watch_ Politics_of_Love _movie_OnlinePolitics makes strange bedfellows, but never stranger than when a beautiful Indian-American Obama campaign volunteer reluctantly falls for her Republican counterpart, a , savvy, African- American conservative. Sparks fly, tempers flare, heads turn, and romance blossoms for this mismatched pair of lovers in the frantic and intoxicating days leading up to Election Day. Can the politics of love conquer all?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Intrigues of Political Debate

If you've ever entered into a political debate, you should understand that politics is always intriguing, complicated but never easy. It is far too simplistic to try and categorize individuals as being on the political left or political right.If you've ever entered into a political debate, you will know that politics is usually intriguing, confusing but never simple. It's far too simplistic to try to categorize persons as being on the political left or political right. If you ask ten folks to state what being a Democrat means probably you will get 10 different answers. The same goes for Republicans. Even within the political parties you'll get a variety of thoughts veering from the far left to moderate and perhaps even far right on some issues. This has lead to some people suggesting that a third party is required.A political debate needs to be an opportunity for folks to place their opinions across and argue, politely, with their opponents. The winner of the debate is the one with the most convincing argument. That's the theory. The fact is a little different. When you have two people involved in a public debate, the person who is seen as the winner is usually the one having more charm and charisma. They're better able to put their point across and are able to present their views in the language of the listener. They may even look better. It is noted that President Obama's natural good looks and charm didn't do him any harm in the political field. It is a fact of human nature that we often side on the part of the person who seems the best instead of the opinions they hold.Watching a political debate can be enjoyable and educational when it is held in the proper format and is properly controlled. Unfortunately nearly always they result in a shouting match between the two candidates/parties with verbal private attacks featuring very frequently. If you are associated with a discussion about politics always keep your composure and pay attention to the views of the other side. You never know but they might have some thing remarkable to talk about.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Confusing Politics With Religion

Much is made these days about the threat of "Radical Islam," and the fact that the Jihadists often seem bent on killing as many Westerners---particularly Americans---as they can. This has led some to adopt a posture of "political protectionism," akin to the trade protectionists we see in some circles, warning of the dangers posed by "radical Muslims" throughout the world. But at the risk of being thought "politically correct" (an epithet I regard as among the worst things you can call anyone who postures as a "thinker"), I think we need to be cautious about confusing politics and religion.

Properly understood, all of the world's great religions speak to the best in us, not the worst. At the same time, all of them suffer from the handicap of human imperfection, and many of the "mystic" religions---those that assume the existence of an all-powerful God, as opposed to philosophy-based creeds, such as Confucianism---seem to have a thread of evangelicalism in them, seeking to "spread the word" and convert everyone to what they suppose is the "one true" path to salvation.

Unfortunately, this latter aspect also appeals to the worst in us---the facet of human nature that divides the world into "us" versus "them," and strives for ways to prove ourselves "superior" in some ways to the rest.

It was that aspect of Christianity that took Europe on the Crusades...had otherwise sane people burning accused heretics and witches alive at the stake...and is still echoing around our own culture in some of the more extreme fundamentalist sects. And yet we, ourselves, seem perfectly able to separate out the "nuts" among us, who view religion as a way to feel superior to others, from those who view their religion as a source of peace and strength, and who view the philosophy of Christianity (and Judaism) as one of tolerance and brotherhood.

Before we begin lumping all Muslims together, we need to understand the vast differences between them---differences that are every bit as caverous as those between the Unitarians, the Fundamentalists, and the Polygamists in Utah.

Properly understood, many of the differences spring not from the teachings of the Christian religion, but from the political views---and, on occasion, the personal lifestyle preferences---of different religious leaders...some of whom are intoxicated by notions of their own self-worth, and all of whom suffer from human imperfections of their own. Similarly, I suspect that much of the mistrust and hatred that spills across cultures stems not from the core values of the various religions, but from the obvious excesses of each religion's particular strains of crackpots---those who pervert or distort those core values for their own particular ends.

To look at a non-religious analogy from American history, we need only examine our dealings with the natives, which any student of history must admit are not shining examples of honesty or integrity. There were many American Indian tribes who were peaceful, wanted nothing except to be left alone, and who agreed to treaty after treaty, trusting that we would live up to our word. There were also many bands of renegade Indians, who were outraged by what all the white settlers were doing, and would attack along the frontier (though never in the numbers we see in the movies). Our reaction was to lump all of them together...and we had an appalling tendency to attack peaceful tribes in retaliation---the attack on Black Kettle's tribe in the Sand Creek Massacre being among among the most appalling examples. (We also had a tendency to violate any treaty we found inconvenient, another aspect of settling the west that history books often ignore).

If we are going to try to get along in this world, all people of good must be able to recognize and distinguish others of like mind in different cultures from the "crackpots" that inhabit other parts of the world---and, unfortunately, dominate many of the headlines. Whatever the culture, I think that most people ( least those who aren't raised in a climate of hate) are well-intentioned and honorable, and are more than willing to enjoy the blessings we share on this planet. Unfortunately, while we can all recognize and dismiss our own culture's lunatics, we aren't always successful at doing so across cultural borders. This seems to be the source of much of the mistrust in the world---and the breeding ground for much of the hatred that perpetuates so many of the continuing conflicts that we seem to see around us.

On the other hand...we do have reason for optimism: the advent of the internet does make it possible to communicate directly with people all over the world. If it does nothing but make us realize that there are thinking souls on the other side of the world who are just as eager to help make the world a better place...if not for ourselves, then for our children and grandchildren...then that may well prove to be the biggest step toward true peace the human race has ever taken.

Of course, this does not, mean that our current notions of moral relativism, so prevalent among the "politically correct thinkers" of our day, should be mistaken for actual thought, rather than its absence. In the recent novel, The Star Dancers, a non-human diplomat observes that "Whatever the language, the voice of reason sounds much the same." Most people of good will probably agree, personally...though I might add the caveat that "reason'" does seem to imply at least a modicum of "thought," as well.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Relationship between Business and Politics

How powerful is politics in business? The connection between the two is often hard to explain, but somehow they are closely connected. Did you ever happen to lose a job or a promotion in favor of a person who hadn't worked harder than you, or made more significant contributions that you? Was it that person's character that got him/her the job, the fact that he/she knew everyone around there, or could it be that you simply did not understand the politics going on around that business? When we hear the word 'politics', we naturally think of politicians, political parties, political strategies, and so forth. But have you ever considered the term 'politics' from a business point of view? When it comes to politics in business, the former means the difference between failure and success in the latter. And, more often than not, politics can define one's personal career. You can enjoy benefits or suffer penalties as a result of the way politics influences every business. If you happen to be among the most appreciated employees, decisions may go your way, but if you are 'invisible' to your bosses or they have nothing but ill feelings for you, some penalties may be coming your way. When it comes to business decisions or work environments, we often hear expressions such as 'it was nothing but politics' or 'that place is very political'. What do these expressions mean? And how can you be part of the game, and know how to play your politics? When you have managed to build a strong relationship with your customers, you understand the business thoroughly, and you are respected throughout the organization, but your superiors still think that you're not doing well enough, this could be a clear example of people using politics to drive their own personal agenda. It's only fair to say that there's no business without politics, and that its level of sophistication depends on the size of the organization. It's understandable that the complexity of politics is proportional with the size of the company, because, after all, politics means power, and the more players are involved in the game, the more there is at stake. Like everywhere else, we can speak of bad politics and good politics in business. Good politics refer to building strong networks at all the levels of that company or organization, spending time with employees from all levels, having a solid understanding of the keys to the success of the organization, and so forth. Good politics in business is about sharing information and encouraging other people to do the same thing. Bad politics refers to exactly the opposite. In the end it all comes down to driving your own agenda, as mentioned before. However, deft leadership should not be confused with bad politics in business. The two are very different. Unfortunately, it seems that bad politics has got its share of businesses, and we see more of that than of good politics, because there are more bad politicians than there are good, and the former still continue to make the rule. But, in the end, it is up to you how you play the game.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Deeper Side of Political Humor Cartoon

Quite a few can draw but only a handful can come up having a no nonsense political humor cartoon. Why? Not all artists are interested in politics and only a handful can add humor in to the boring subject of politics. When undertaking hilarious political cartoon, you must bear in mind that the emphasis really should be on the humor. Anything you make that is in negative taste won't come off as funny and that could turn out to be a undesirable mark on your profession as a political cartoonist. It doesn't matter if you're working as a cartoonist for the local paper or if you're submitting your drawings to political satire syndicates. It's essential that you keep points in the proper point of view when making political cartoons.Do not forget that you're out to offer off fun out of your political humor cartoon. Whenever you do it right, even the person you are depicting in the cartoon would get a great laugh from your drawings. Once you attain this objective, it indicates that you're doing your cartoons right and it exhibits that you are not going overboard. There's a deeper calling to becoming a political cartoonist. Generally, you ought to understand what's going on in politics and you need to keep track on each and every twist and turn of political stories. Your cartoons just don't have to be funny; it need to also capture the actual score behind the news. Understand that it is your job to entertain your viewers but concurrently it is also your job to feed them the news they ought to understand. There are number of locations where it is possible to place your cartoons. Political humor cartoons are usually noticed at the editorial page of the newspaper. It also finds its way on internet sites of political satire organizations where jokes, caricatures and satire on existing occasions are posted. As outrageous and even irreverent satire may be, it is in no way mean-spirited. You'll be able to get an excellent dose of that once you look at samples of political satire that well-known syndicates have. Whether or not you're drawing for an organization or you're sharing your drawings to the world through your personal website, the emphasis need to be to supply good clean fun in your political humor cartoon.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Home Panel Solar Politics

After recently reading a New York Times article, we started thinking about home panel solar politics. You see, although solar power is gaining popularity as a renewable energy solution for home, it will never become mainstream without the backing from the federal government.

A poll by the Nuclear Power Industry revealed that the number one choice for generating power was not from nuclear, coal or natural gas, but from solar energy. However, at the time the poll was taken solar only provided for about 0.01 percent of America's power supply. Solar power is popular, but there's not enough investment!

In Washington, where the energy policies are signed, solar power lobbyists generally work with small budgets in the tens of thousands of dollars. Now when you compare it to the tens of millions of dollars that nuclear, coal, gas and oil lobbyists have available, you can only guess which energy policies gain approval by our beloved politicians.

But when you look at countries like Germany and Japan, their government policies have increased solar power implementation beyond what was thought possible.

With the support from government not only have the manufacturing costs decreased because of economies of scale, but solar technologies have also rapidly advanced.

We know government regulation is not very popular in America, where many of us believe our capitalists markets should be left alone. But according to Vinod Khosla, a partner at one of the world's biggest venture capitalist firms - VC Firm and major investor in green technologies:

"...Market-driven improvements are not happening fast enough to put solar technology beyond much more than a boutique investment".

We agree with Mr Khosla.

Until the American solar industry gets backing from the federal government, our solar power costs and technology will always lag behind the rest of the world. And as long as that happens, solar power will never gain mass-market appeal in the US.

However, with the new change of government there are 3 distinct factors taking place that give us assurance that home panel solar power is about to take off in America.

1 - The new president-elect Obama and his administration is putting big coal and oil aside, and giving green technologies higher priority. Furthermore, their new laws will help limit the power and influence wealthy lobbyists have on new energy policies.

2 - Some states, such as California and Hawaii are not waiting for Washington to pass the new energy policies. Instead they are taking initiative. Governor Schwarzenegger's "Million Roof" campaign will not only create a new industry, but also lower global warming and create thousands of jobs.

3 - And lastly, we, the home panel solar power users have the biggest role to play. All the energy policies and campaigns would be useless if the population did not embrace solar power at home. But, from the poll and what was said by Mr Khosla, that is not a problem. The America people are not only very interested in solar power, but are also supporting it with investment.

And although it can take years to pay off the solar power cost, people still invest. And when cost is a concern some are so interested in getting involved that they learn to make and install their own home panel solar power. So, let us continue moving towards solar and supporting the politicians and corporations who promote green technologies.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Should Politics Be Kept out of Business

Do politics and business ever meet? Of course they do, because there is a reciprocal need between the two in every democracy. Politics equals power, but it is nothing without the money it needs to realize it; any business is mainly about money, but it also demands a secure presence, which actually means consorting with power, and thus with politics. Another similarity between the two is that they both require the presence of the citizen, either as customer or as voter. Theoretically, the citizen's freedom of choice is nearly perfect. But in practice, both business and politics resort to all sorts of techniques to draw their voters or customers, such as the media, celebrity endorsements, movie starts, appeals to passion, sentiment and psychology, and so on, and so forth. Whether we are talking about marketing, or about electioneering, we can refer to both of them in terms of campaigns. In both business and politics, the battle exceeds any metaphorical level, and the amount of money spent in either of them is rising every year. And all that, just to convince us, voters and customers, that they are worth our attention. When a business tries to promote a product or a model at a national level, it encounters the same problems and difficulties that a party comes against when attempting to capture several regions. Scale is extremely important, by definition, but that naturally comes with a demand for standardization. A business that needs security cannot separate itself from politics, because that's where the power is. Some businesses find it in their own interest to sustain rather close working relationships with politics, because separating the two is almost impossible when you are faced with a reactive situation. Many countries have both public and private traders, which means that keeping your business away from politics is virtually impossible if you want to keep doing business with that country. And the economical prospects and financial benefits are so appealing that the connection between politics and business just doesn't seem to have any importance. In the sensitive political regions, the marketplace is subjected to change daily. In fact, the entire international marketplace can change very quickly, from year to year, or even from week to week, which is why companies have to learn how to stay alert to change and have flexible attitudes and approaches. But above that, they have to ensure security for themselves, and what better way to that than to become involved with politics, which ultimately is about power?On the international marketplace, relationship between politics and business is critically important, and its importance increases as time goes by. As much as any business would like to be poisoned away from politics, this is simply impossible, because behind each government there are political drivers, and the 'mines' that appear in front of a certain company or organization are far more numerous and powerful, should it try to detach itself completely from political affairs. Business and politics interact, whether we like it or not, and they can influence each other in many ways, not all of them bad. For instance, a bad political climate can seriously influence economic growth, but fortunately the process can go the other way, too.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Three Challenges Defining Social-Political Sustainability

Jackson KernThe subtle difference between pure social development and social-political sustainability is very central to the pursuit of sustainable development. Just as economic development accomplishes little if the achievements heralded are unsustainable, so too must social enrichment go hand in hand with a concerted effort to ensure its persistent viability.Open, contested political arenas offer the only means to this end—arenas that are contested by you. These three phenomena endanger the sustainability of our social-political processes; they beg our devoted attention.1. The most insidious danger of all is that of prevalent political apathy. If the population at large cannot be convinced that its fate is sufficiently at stake to engage itself actively, then all hope surely is lost. The causes of apathy are many; clearly the simplest is inner-focused individuals who are more concerned with personal than societal enrichment, or who believe that the benefits derived from social engagement will not be commensurate with the time and resources invested. This phenomenon can be likened to game theory and political science notions of the "tragedy of the commons". A related cause of political apathy is blind faith in social and political institutions. But we must remember Sartre's espousal of the one who "is loyal to a political and social ensemble, and who never ceases to contest it". There is no contradiction in believing that a nation's social and political processes are the best ever conceived by mankind, and still rising every morning to challenge them. Indeed, this is the very essence of democracy.2. The existence of social inertia is different from apathy. We human beings are creatures of habit. Even when informed and acknowledging of specific problems, we can be resistant to the specter of addressing them aggressively via political mechanisms if so doing entails a rupture with time-honored cultural tradition. In a 2006 poll, eighty-five percent of Americans indicated their belief that global warming is "probably happening", while half asserted that the issue of global warming is "extremely important" to them. Yet the ubiquity of single-occupant vehicles on America's highways remains undiminished.3. When the general populace is involved and engaged, this can often pose problems of social-political inefficiency. This issue can be particularly acute in nations which are large in population and geography. An inability to reach consensus can sometimes lead to paralysis. Under an autocratic establishment, the government can execute changes to social-political institutions with an alacrity that is sometimes enviable. But this, of course, is not consultative; sustainability of the social-political dimension is only ensured in the long run if it is reflective of the collective will. A different sort of social-political inefficiency arises when there is no obstruction to consensus but when channels for initiating change (particularly in the judiciary) are constrained, convoluted or overloaded.Political apathy and social inertia can only be combated in ongoing daily efforts to inform, arouse and provoke. Happily, social-political inefficiency can be addressed more methodically. Governments, businesses, non-governmental and not-for-profit organizations alter and influence the state of our social and natural environment every day. Actors which seek to bridge the gap between these entities and the general populace and to facilitate their interaction, aided by extraordinary new technologies of participation, have a grand role to play in the future of social-political sustainability.An evocation of these challenges would not be complete without a consideration of the dynamic interactions the social-political domain engenders with other elements of sustainable development. Economics is the science of resource allocation, the study of the ways in which we satisfy human wants and needs. No human need is more fundamental than that of nourishment. In a revealing illustration of the interdependence of sustainable development's three constituent parts, rising world food prices now pose a grave threat to social-political sustainability around the globe. One need only turn to recent social unrest and political instability in Haiti, Egypt and the Philippines to be assured of that. These rising prices stem from uncertainties regarding the sustainability of our agricultural processes. To be specific, some have very explicitly cited efforts in the West to subsidize and encourage biofuels production as a leading inflationary factor (though burgeoning middle classes in India and China seem surely to be responsible for other upward price pressures). And all this as the viability of biofuels falls under a penetrating scrutiny.These challenges of social-political sustainability will remain inextricably bound to the future of sustainability as an enterprise.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Political Essay Writing Tips


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Quality Political Essay

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Thursday, October 27, 2011


When we join a new company, we're all hoping for a fresh start and clean slate. The last thing we want is to get embroiled in political intrigue, regardless of how petty it might seem. Most of us just want to do our work and move along with our lives. Even if this were so, which is rarely the case, we must still deal with "political correctness" as defined by society; we have to recognize certain protocols in our mannerisms, language, and conduct. So, even before we get started in a new job, we have to recognize there is going to be some form of politics, like it or not. I remember visiting a manufacturing company in the Midwest where a Vice President proudly said to me, "You'll like this place Tim, there's no politics here whatsoever." And I think he firmly believed it too. In reality, they had more cutthroat politics than I had ever seen before.Whether you are a new employee or a visiting consultant, one of the first things you have to determine about a company is its pecking order. An organization chart makes a convenient road map in this regards, but it doesn't truly define the power structure in a company. For example, a weak manager may actually draw his strength from a powerful assistant. Nonetheless, it is important to identify the fiefdoms of the company, who the key players are, and who the allies and adversaries are. Without such knowledge, you will inevitably trip into some political dispute or become an unwitting pawn in a power play. The best advice in the early going is to simply keep your eyes and ears open, and your mouth shut.Aside from the power players in an organization, the three most common types of political animals you will encounter are the Suckup, the Radical, and the Saboteur. The Suckup (aka "Brown Noser") essentially has no spine and is the perennial "Yes Man" to the boss. The boss says "Jump" and the Suckup says, "How High?" But the Suckup has a political agenda of his own which typically is an advancement through the assistance of the boss. He therefore bends over backwards to please the boss at the expense of losing the respect of his coworkers.The Radical represents "the bull in the China shop" or "loose cannon" and is best known for revolting against the status quo, not quietly but loudly, and is not afraid of stepping on a few toes along the way. In many ways he is like Sherman's march to the sea. Perhaps his mission is correct, and perhaps it isn't. Regardless, this type of person has a slim chance of succeeding as his detractors will work overtime to undermine him. When dealing with such a person you basically have two choices: either join him and hope for the best, or get the heck out of his way so that you are not run over.The Saboteur is perhaps the most viscous of the three and can probably best be characterized as the "conniving weasel" or "backstabber" who schemes to make the lives of others miserable. He is driven by petty jealousy and wants desperately to be seen as a power broker in his institution. Since he has no real life of his own, the Saboteur gets his jollies by undermining anybody that garners more attention than he does. Whereas the Suckup and the Radical can be dealt with politically, the Saboteur is a pest that must be exterminated.Office politics is about loyalty and trust. At some point, you will be asked to choose sides and this to me is what makes office politics ugly. I might understand this in government politics, but not in a company where we are all suppose to be on the same team. Politics is an inherent part of the corporate culture; some companies deplore it, others thrive on it. I guess it's a matter of whether a company values the concept of teamwork or rugged individualism. I have found there is much less politics in companies promoting the former versus the latter. Either way, my advice to anyone joining a new company, be it a corporation or nonprofit organization, is actually quite simple: "En Garde!"

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Moldova's Identity Politics

Apparently new uses of 'Europe' and 'Romania' since 2005 draw on Moldova's complicated history and related identity politics. Prior to 1991, there was no history of an independent state contiguous with the current territory of the Republic of Moldova. Although the Communist-led government has sought to affirm the new state's identity with the medieval principality of Moldova in MBT Shoes recent years, the current state is a distinctly Russian and Soviet creation. Medieval Moldova formed in the mid-1300s and retained independence for a century and a half before gradually becoming an Ottoman vassal state. Under the Bucharest Peace Treaty of 1812, the Ottoman Empire ceded 'Bessarabia' to Russia, and through a combination of accident and intention, the Russians extended the region, which had initially referred to a small territory in southern Wallachia along the Black Sea, to include a much larger territory in the eastern portion of the Moldovan principality. Western Moldova, meanwhile, remained under Ottoman suzerainty, and in 1859 joined Wallachia, another Ottoman vassal, to become the first Romanian state.

Historically, culturally, and linguistically, Moldova forms part of the 'Romanian lands,' but the historical, cultural, and linguistic borders of Romanian space also run through Moldova. The current Republic of Moldova includes not only Bessarabia, but also the region of Transnistria, whose ties to medieval Moldova and modern Romania are much weaker. Bessarabia and Transnistria were stitched together by the Soviet Union in 1941 to produce the Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic (MSSR), as a national republic for ethnic Moldovans, but the administrative histories of the two territories, which differed significantly even under Russian rule, have had a lasting impact on current politics. From 1812-1917, Bessarabia, the larger territory, retained a distinct identity within the Russian empire, first as MBT Chapa an imperial region (oblast'), and then as a province (guberniia). During the inter-war period when it was unified with Romania, Bessarabia also maintained a distinct administrative identity. Transnistria, however, had no administrative identity within the Russian Empire; it only gained some political identity when it was chiseled out of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic as part of the Moldovan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (MASSR) from 1924-40 (Figure 2).

In the early 1990s, Moldova's politics were dominated by questions concerning the new state's identity relative to Romania. Should Moldova unify with Romania Should it be a second Romanian state if it persisted as a 'Moldovan' state, what that meant Political opinion divided along an ideological continuum of Romanianism and Moldovanism. At one end of the continuum, Romanianists argued for unification with Romania; at the opposite end, Moldovanists maintained that Moldovans constituted a distinct people, requiring their own state. Many factors account for the fact that Moldova and Romania did not unite. However, the divergent histories of the country's sub-regions would have contributed considerable barriers to such a plan had it been actively pursued. Not only did the Soviet Union join Bessarabia and Transnistria into a new political unit, it also separated part of Bessarabia that bordered the Black Sea, the Bugeac, and placed it within the borders of the Ukrainian SSR. Reversing the effects of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact to return Bessarabia to Romania would therefore have been doubly difficult, if not impossible, because the status of both Transnistria and the Bugeac would have required renegotiation.

Since 1994, all of Moldova's governments have pursued a Moldovanist path to varying degrees. Yet the question of the country's relationship to Romania has never fully disappeared. Indeed, the intensity of pro-Romanian sentiment in the early 1990s was also used by Transnistrian political leaders who capitalized on minority fears over a possible unification with Romania to declare independence. While Transnistria's independence is unrecognized, efforts to resolve its status have been unsuccessful, and the conflict remains 'frozen.' In this, and many other issues, 'Romania' has continued to influence Moldovan politics at a symbolic level, even as actual possibilities for unification become more distant. Thus when 'Romania' reappeared as an important symbol in 2005, its meaning drew on previous identity politics and the complexities of Moldova's historical relations with Romania.

Friday, October 14, 2011

MLM Politics Are Unnecessary

MLM politics are inevitable when you are working with a large multilevel marketing institution. One of the best approaches to this problem is to commit yourself to a dressing issues as they arise. This will set you apart from others who do not have the professional hospitality required to sustain the success of the overall mission. The relationships you establish will be the difference between your success and precious time wasted.

Before you jump in to any MLM opportunity one should take a really close look at the products and services being promoted. This is where you are being called to make a honest determination of how well what they're offering will fare in the market. If it is something that can be acquired in any store; one should take this as a sign that will help them gauge the reality of what they are committing themselves to.

Your down line will appreciate your respecting their time by ensuring that everything you are requiring them to participate in is useful.

They want to acquire the strategies and instruments to help them be successful. It is you responsibility to help them differentiate between trainings that are helpful and show cases that flaunt the success of others.

It is highly recommended that you test the market of your business venture before you dissolve your current employment standing. This will give you an opportunity to build the confidence you need to acquire success; and preserve the income from your current job. Your immediate family should be thoroughly educated about your plan of approach so that they can provide the support you will need.

Someone who is excited about joining the efforts of a multilevel marketing firm should be given all the strategies and tools they need.

In listing someone into your down line makes you responsible for ensuring that they thoroughly understand what is expected of them. It's always important to treat them as you would want to be treated in the journey of becoming a reputable entrepreneur.

There is always a demand for MLM representatives to enlist family members and friends into their business. This generally creates a strain on personal and professional relationships that are heavily dependent upon your numbers. Sharing a product or service that can enhance the quality of life for most allows you the flexibility you need to avoid harassing your most cherished people.

Spending time with those who have been actively participation in the multilevel marketing Institute of your choice is important. One should be looking for healthfulness among peers and leadership qualities that keep people feeling connected. Competitive relationships can place a strain on the overall efforts of the entire establishment. This should serve as a warning sign that you might find yourself struggling in your efforts.

MLM politics prohibit the success of everyone involved with the multilevel marketing efforts. When you discover that you are being compromised by behaviors that go against the grain of what you are trying to accomplish; it may be time to reconsider your involvement. Maintaining a positive attitude about the products or services you are selling is key when you want to achieve your desired results.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Political Science Programs

Political science programs range from associate's degrees to doctoral degrees; the type of degree program you choose should depend on what your career goals are. Students of other majors also typically take political science courses to fulfill their general education requirements. Some students in majors such as journalism may also minor in political science to supplement their education and make themselves more viable job candidates with an area of specialty. There are many things you can learn by studying political science and many career options that may be open to you with this type of education.Political science courses teach more than just politics. On a basic level, you will gain an understanding of how our political system works and how other political systems throughout the world have worked. You will also learn the histories of all these systems to gain a broad understanding of how things came to be the way they are. You will learn about legal systems and judicial systems. During the completion of a political science program, you will also gain valuable critical thinking skills, learn how to communicate effectively and learn how to conduct thorough research with a high level of accuracy.Students of political science programs may go on to become politicians, political pundits, press secretaries, lawyers or judges. They may also become teachers, journalists or take completely different career paths that have little to do with the political world. Some of these jobs may also require additional education such as law school, but the political science degree forms a solid foundation to start from. Since political science courses require a great deal of researching, writing, critical thinking and analysis, the skills gained in these programs could apply to numerous fields.Political science programs are useful for anyone who wants a career in politics or in the legal field, but these degrees are useful for many other career goals as well. If you have an interest in how our world's societal structures work and a knack for doing research and thinking critically, this could be an ideal major for you. And if you're undecided, you could always take a political science course to see how you like it.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Politics For Beginners

I am amazed by some of the people whom I encounter every day who do not know anything about politics. Everyone should know how their government works so I am writing down my old college notes as a beginner's guide. As it's the credit crunch some of you will feel too busy and confused by the political situation and the criticism of the government on financial and borrowing matters. This is why everyone should take a little time to understand government rolls and why they affect everything from your home insurance to your grocery bill.

The United Kingdom is run with a democratic government. The House of Commons and The House of Lords hold the government in check although the House of Commons is the more powerful of the two houses.

We live under 'Prime Ministerial' rule - this means the rule of one person.
The powers that the P.M has depends on five key factors.

- The personality of the P.M
- Majority that the P.M has in the House of Commons
- The success of the P.M's policies
- The unity of the P.M's party
- The effectiveness of the Opposition party

Unlike in America where there is a deputy president, in the UK there is constitutionally no such role as a deputy Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister is the leader of the House of Commons.

He appoints and dismisses members of the government. He is also the Chairman of the Cabinet. The Prime Minister has his own offices and advisors and is the most important representative of the Government. The P.M holds wide powers of patronage and also chooses the date of the general election.

Now for a bit of economics. There is no excuse not to pay attention to this part if news coverage of the credit crunch has left you baffled.

Economics basically means the study of using scarce resources as efficiently as possible so that society's unlimited demands for goods and services can be met.

The term that we so often hear in the news 'the public sector' refers to the sector run by the state like Government departments, Local Government and Nationalised Industries. The main role of the public sector is to provide efficient and adequate services.

The term 'the Private Sector' refers to organisations that are privately owned such as companies, clubs, partnerships etc. The main role of the private sector is to maximise profits.

Recession is a state of affairs that indicate a down turn in the business cycle. Output and investment has dropped, demand has dropped and unemployment has risen. This can be caused by a number of factors i.e. external factors such as a world oil crisis.

Reflation is a policy to combat recession. The policy may include reducing interest rates, reducing taxes, increasing public spending and devaluing the currency.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Political Custom Essay

Political custom essays are usually offered to clients that place an order for political essays. A customized political essay is written as per the instructions delivered by the client that places the order for the political essay. This is a business that mostly conducted by online freelance writers. However, of interest in this case is not to present the business of custom political essay writing, but rather to elucidate the main features of a political essay and what really makes up a good political essay during the process of writing.

 Political essays are a common assessment feature in the field of study known as political science. In such settings they may be used as evaluation tools, however; there purpose is not so exclusive to evaluation.

They may also be used to express political opinion, ideologies and concepts by presenting various political arguments. These political essays are mostly argumentative in nature and they are often characterized with conflicting idea, concepts and opinions of a political nature. The first feature of a political essay that any essay writer should keep in mind is the avoidance of bias. Regardless of the political essay writer’s affiliation bias and expression of personal toned opinions should be avoided. The use of personalities and personalizing a political argument within a political essay should also be avoided. Neutrality should be the key feature of any political essay. The essay should be written in such a manner that no matter who reads it and from whichever political divide s/he may be, s/he may be bound to agree with your factual presentation.

Political essays should also feature a minimal passive voice and at times the first person style may also be applicable in expressing personal arguments formulated in the mid of the writer, but based on facts that can be used to substantiate the facts or allegations stated.

The use of supporting information in form of figures, tables, quotes and many more is a basic thing in any well drafted political essay. Politics with no substance is what is always seen in the political arena, where propaganda may be formulated from hear-say. However, in the field of writing academic political essays there is a high demand for substantial evidence that ca be used in the presentation of the arguments made within any political essay. The common feature among political essays is that they feature current issues, though references to the past political issues may be relevant if the facts and situations in the past are tied to the present. This is an important feature to consider when writing a political essay where the assigning tutor offers you the discretion of deciding which topic to write about. In such instances it would be less helpful to go to past political issues and subjects that may have no present day relevance socially, economically, or politically. Present issues draw the readership closer and help them to view the situation from your perspective that should be presented in a neutral manner. Presenting older issues that may have been analyzed in the past may not draw interest from the readership or the evaluator and as such the political essay based on older political issues may not earn the writer a better score. Other basic features may include maintaining compliance to basic essay formats and enriching the essay with a lot of research information presented clearly and concisely.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Poverty and politics

Poverty is a universal term and poverty elimination is a universal motto. Poverty destroys individuals, societies and nations. Poverty is hunger. Poverty is lack of shelter. It is the state of being sick but unable to see a doctor (Gordon et al., 2003). It is the condition which doesn’t allow one to have basic necessities in life. Poverty is the condition of not having a job and no resources to live with. It brings fear of future. It is the synonym of powerlessness, lack of representation and freedom (Gordon et al., 2000). Poverty can retard the overall growth of a society. It can negatively affect the progress of the nation itself. “Poverty is produced by circumstances, not individuals,” (Fincher & Wulff, 1998). Economic crisis increases the so-called ‘poverty sector’, leading to joblessness and social unrest. A proper planning and a better utilization of the available resources of the nation will lessen the poverty level to a great extent (Narayan & Parker, 2000). Diverting the existing resource to the disadvantaged people is the need of the hour. Every nation needs a proper governing authority to plan, accomplish and accelerate its growth. In developing countries especially, governments and political parties lead the show and try to bring progress to the society and stability to the economy by eliminating the curses like poverty. The ruling party and other political parties try to uplift the general status of the society and go deep into the problems and grievances of the people to a certain extent. Even though they do have opinion disputes and conflicts among them, they contribute a lot for the progress of the society and nation (especially rural areas where poverty is still a problem) (Pantazis, Gordon & Levitas, 2006).

Political interests and competitions play a major role in eliminating poverty from the nations. In the third world countries especially, political parties contribute a lot for the development works. Political parties try to perform well during their ruling tenure and take various actions for the negatively privileged sections of the society. They try to look into the agonies of the people of ill developed areas since such areas have the majority of the population in it. These less developed areas would be eagerly looking forward for a government which can help them to improve their total grade. No political party can ever think of getting rule in their hand without the votes of these majority weaker sections. So these thickly populated less developed areas are very important as far as political parties are concerned. They try to give alluring promises in their election campaign so that they can drain the votes of these areas. Filling the manifesto with various poverty reduction policies will definitely help the political parties to get the ballot in their favour. Poverty reduction will be the proclaimed motto of political parties of less developed countries. When they come into rule, these parties try to implement their poverty reduction policies to a certain extent at least. Political parties are very well aware of the fact that unless they bother about the poverty-stricken areas, nation will not see any progress in general and also they will not get the following election in their favour. Increasing number of political parties has thus favoured the development of nations in many ways. Progress of the nation is the declared motto of politics though we should doubt how far it is true in the cases of certain countries that have a corrupted political atmosphere.

Interest groups play a major role in the flow of democracy, especially in developing countries. Numerous interest groups exist in countries where there are more issues and problems. A political interest group can be a group, who tries to influence the government in order to get their interest about the society done. These political parties, especially the main opposition parties can fight to get their demands met by the government. In certain cases opposition parties perform extremely well and they do represent the weaker sections. They can point out the flaws and weaknesses of the ruling party and can help them improve their rule. These competing political forces are of different nature. They vary in their size, ideology, policy focus, influential capability, and mode of representation. For example, some groups may focus on certain issues or geographical areas and some may be interested in certain special topics. Also there are certain political groups who work on broader areas of public policy. Certain interest groups focus on government alone to get their demands done whereas some groups try to influence non-governmental and other private organizations and associations to uphold their objectives. The political party which is in power (the representative government) is supposed to encourage the interests of other competing groups also. They will consider the opposition’s opinion regarding major issues and will take decisions accordingly. The competing groups help to establish a balance by introducing arguments and resources to bear on various aspects of public policy decisions. They will equip themselves with power and influence and have a support from the public such that they can suppress any majority or minority group of vested interest who become strong enough to weaken the rights of others. Political groups compete on the playing field created by the constitutions (national as well as state) and laws. They develop their own policies and rules based on the constitution and will represent people for the progress of the nation. In short, these multiple competing groups try to create a stable political environment that allows the interests of the common people to be presented before the government.

In Calhoun and John McGowan (1997), the author asks, “Is politics really nothing more than power relations, competing interests and claims for recognition, conflicting assertions of ‘simple’ truths?.” But the political groups of certain countries have proved that they do offer their best for the development works of their nations. Political parties come out with various policies and plans that would eradicate poverty, according to their claims. They try to convince people that they are able to meet their demands and would repair their impoverished civic and private life. Even though it is true that ideology has waned and identity and interest based politics have come to the scene, political parties still try to improve the poverty-stricken state of the disadvantaged strata of the society. New new political parties appear into the political scene daily and they also come up with new promises so that people make their choice on their favour. These political parties are very well aware about the fact that unless they implement their poverty reduction policies, they will no longer get favour in the following election. In less developed countries especially, political parties have started attending the worries of poverty-stricken areas. In another words, in certain poor nations, political groups compete among themselves in providing best policies for people so that they gain the favour of the poor majority who look forward for a better government that can eradicate poverty from the society (Lustig, 2000). In other words, the competition between the political parties have become a boon for people who expect nothing but a better government that can implement developmental policies for the improvement of the unprivileged people.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Women In Politics

Despite widespread promotional campaigns to encourage more women to get involved in the democratic process, there are still relatively few who have made it to the top of the game. On an international level, women are highly underrepresented across the board, and this occurs for a number of reasons. The great UK politician and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is recorded as saying that women in politics must work twice as hard as their male counterparts in order to achieve the same level of success. As one of the few female leaders the world has ever seen, she should know.

So why are women so marginalized when it comes to politics, particularly in the upper echelons? Some accredit it to widespread and deep-rooted prejudices, which hold women as near second-class citizens in a man's world. Others feel it is to do with women lacking the drive and determination to make it to the top over the majority male dominance.

Or maybe its because they find it hard to control the support of a party in the party political system? Whichever way, women are certainly in the minority, and this is something which is surprising, given the widespread change in attitude towards women's rights over the last few decades.

At the time of writing this article, there are very few women at the top of their game in politics, including most notably leaders in Germany and Ukraine, as well as a handful of high ranking officials across the world. In the UK, Margaret Thatcher is held to be one of the best whilst also one of the worst Prime Ministers of all time, boasting significantly more controversial policies over her terms in office than anyone else to date. Whilst it is clear there is a deficit at the highest level in politics, it seems they are beginning in recent times to really make their mark.

Women find themselves second placed to men in all walks of life.

Regardless of individual points of view, or the feminist movement, it is cold hard fact that women are paid generally less than men for the same work, and face other forms of discrimination in and out of the workplace. By setting the example in politics, t is clear that attitudes to them the world over could be set to change, and the gender political power shift could be more than well under way.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Purchasing Political Media With A Limited Campaign Budget

This year the political fundraising challenge is more difficult than ever. A Texas candidate who in the last election cycle was able to raise nearly two million dollars for a statewide race has found that fundraising, even in Texas, a State that has escaped the brunt of economic hardship, is very difficult. Even with major endorsements and strong name recognition, the weakness of our economy has become reality for political candidates. The effect of this shortfall impacts the campaign forty-five days before Election Day when political media rates become available and campaigns consume the lower cost air time quickly to lock in the best dates and times. Without the funds on hand at that the beginning of the political media window, candidates will find themselves with less desirable times available to purchase, if any availabilities remain.How political media is purchased continues to evolve. When media outlets were first mandated to sell commercials at the lowest rate (this is the lowest rate paid for a commercial by a non-political advertiser during the past year), the "political rate" was born. The media outlet had one rate card for political candidates. One rate purchased a commercial that aired anytime during the day. If the candidate purchased enough of these low rates, they were certain to have their commercial air during all "Day Parts" (6AM-10AM, 10AM-3PM, etc). In radio, morning drive time is the coveted "Day Part" charging the highest fee per commercial. In television the evening prime time is the most expensive "Day Part" to purchase. With the advent of "Day Parts" the political rate card now had different prices depending on the time of day. In both the original form and the "Day Parts" form the common element was the same. If stations accepted the political money for specific day parts, they had to air the commercials, often at the expense of local businesses willing to pay the larger, non-political rate. A solution was needed. Innovation and profit motives combined to create the current method of purchasing political media. Today's political rate card still has the lowest rates offered to any non-political advertiser, but the rate card for the non-political advertiser has changed, thus changing the political rate card. The rate card continues to be divided by "Day Parts", but Candidates are now offered two rates for each day part. "non-preemptible" and "preemptible". "Non-preemptible" are the most expensive. This means the station guarantees to air the spot at the requested date and time. You pay (always cash in advance with political media buys) and the commercial will air. With "preemptible, the rates are usually at least 20-30% lower, but you have no guarantee that your commercial will air. You pay and submit a schedule, but if another candidate or non-political advertiser pays the "non-preemptible" rate, your commercial gets "bumped". If they have time before the election, the station will try to "make good" and place your commercial on another day. If you need your message out the days before Election Day, this is not a viable alternative. In most cases, six weeks after Election Day the campaign receives a refund check from the media outlet for commercials that did not air because they were "bumped." If you won, no problem, if will always wonder what might have been. One solution to budget shortfalls and escalating political advertising costs is found at Low cost, high quality commercial production and micro targeted media placement on local cable and/or radio. The success stories keep growing. Budgets of any size are finding success. There is very little guesswork in media placement with the information available today. Voters are reached, persuaded and most of all motivated to vote for our clients.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Political Pontifications

As a student of history, I have always been fascinated by the sociopolitical events which led to the Fascist take over of Germany, and how they were so successful, as many people seemed to be caught so unaware of the impending doom that loomed upon the horizon; how could they have been so blind, as not to have seen what was coming towards them, and what was happening to their country? I would often wonder, how a people who professed a belief in God, could condone things like sterilization, and euthanasia of the elderly, puzzled me deeply: this could certainly never happen again, and could certainly...never happen here in the United States, or could it? Read the purposed health care bill; in the vicinity of page 425, it speaks to having...end of life counseling, and states that only [certain doctors] will be able to write (end of life orders), well that's comforting to know...that the decision whether or not your life is worth saving...will rest with only "Special Doctors," now doesn't it? Incidentally, this is very similar to the policies that the National Socialist Party had in effect (you know, the Nazi's) after they came into power in Germany during the 1930's.

Never happen again...right!

These political dictums seem to sneak-up on people, who are occupied with trying to make ends meet, as they were in the thirties; it, is after all...difficult to impose change upon a prosperous people, only when people lose their jobs, homes, and their stomachs start to growl, do the seek change, as anything they believe, will be an improvement over their current situation. World War II, and the economic boom that it created saved us from destruction then, and the unfortunate removal of many servicemen from the post-war work force was; although regretful to the powers to be, it did promote a rather healthy demand for workers, service men were met at the docks, and train stations, by factory recruiters who would need positions filled once occupied by women during the war.

Now that the war was over, and we had won it, it was time to start the recovery process, but the lessons learned from the destruction of the third Reich, were not completely one sided, many in America felt that the Socialist merely went about things in the wrong way. Some of their ideas, they felt...were not all bad, after all' shouldn't everyone have, an equal share [of] the collective wealth? And, as the poor had always outnumbered the rich, were not their votes needed, such, could be easily bought?

The only real concern the liberal movement truly has for the poor, and the minorities, is their ability to stroll into the voting booth with zombie-like tenacity, to reelect those who have been so faithful to them over the years. After all, they were our friends, or were they? Are these the empty pontifications of someone who has no first-hand knowledge? No, as a teenager: I followed my uncle to the polls many times, as it was his job to hand-out the money for the party; the five dollar, or a cheap bottle of whiskey (your choice), thank you for showing up to the polls. If people only knew the contempt they were held in, they would never have been so faithful. Trouble is, at least back then the money was supplied by the rich party faithful; where now they just use diverted tax money! Look for a stimulus check in the mail just before the 2010 mid-term election, and again, just before the 2012 presidential election, as it would be bad timing to send them too soon, as there would be a chance that you might forget their generosity before the polls open. You know for many years this type of behavior went on, and although we were affected by it; we still had a strong enough economy to absorb the shock, and anyway, we had a political system that sort of passed the ball every few years to the other team, and thereby kept the country, and economy, somewhat stabilized.

You may have found diverse economic philosophies on opposite sides of the isle, but the democrats would have been politically crucified just a few years ago, if for example: they would have embraced several radical factions; which today represent major planks in their platforms. For a politician to state that, "The United States [is] not a Christian Nation," in 1970, would have been their political finish! Or, if they wanted to coddle, or grant large gifts, to individuals who were in the United States illegally, they would have been politically stoned! These people have now reached a political impasse: they can only make a political army, by using the soldiers (as it were) from many nations, ask the ancient Romans; this does not work for long. The vast majority of politicians in 1965, could have gone to church together on Sunday, and disagreed with each other on an issue on Monday; today, they are afraid to be caught in church. When the President of the United States can't pick a church in Washington D.C. to attend...we've have gone too far!