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Quality Political Essay

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Thursday, October 27, 2011


When we join a new company, we're all hoping for a fresh start and clean slate. The last thing we want is to get embroiled in political intrigue, regardless of how petty it might seem. Most of us just want to do our work and move along with our lives. Even if this were so, which is rarely the case, we must still deal with "political correctness" as defined by society; we have to recognize certain protocols in our mannerisms, language, and conduct. So, even before we get started in a new job, we have to recognize there is going to be some form of politics, like it or not. I remember visiting a manufacturing company in the Midwest where a Vice President proudly said to me, "You'll like this place Tim, there's no politics here whatsoever." And I think he firmly believed it too. In reality, they had more cutthroat politics than I had ever seen before.Whether you are a new employee or a visiting consultant, one of the first things you have to determine about a company is its pecking order. An organization chart makes a convenient road map in this regards, but it doesn't truly define the power structure in a company. For example, a weak manager may actually draw his strength from a powerful assistant. Nonetheless, it is important to identify the fiefdoms of the company, who the key players are, and who the allies and adversaries are. Without such knowledge, you will inevitably trip into some political dispute or become an unwitting pawn in a power play. The best advice in the early going is to simply keep your eyes and ears open, and your mouth shut.Aside from the power players in an organization, the three most common types of political animals you will encounter are the Suckup, the Radical, and the Saboteur. The Suckup (aka "Brown Noser") essentially has no spine and is the perennial "Yes Man" to the boss. The boss says "Jump" and the Suckup says, "How High?" But the Suckup has a political agenda of his own which typically is an advancement through the assistance of the boss. He therefore bends over backwards to please the boss at the expense of losing the respect of his coworkers.The Radical represents "the bull in the China shop" or "loose cannon" and is best known for revolting against the status quo, not quietly but loudly, and is not afraid of stepping on a few toes along the way. In many ways he is like Sherman's march to the sea. Perhaps his mission is correct, and perhaps it isn't. Regardless, this type of person has a slim chance of succeeding as his detractors will work overtime to undermine him. When dealing with such a person you basically have two choices: either join him and hope for the best, or get the heck out of his way so that you are not run over.The Saboteur is perhaps the most viscous of the three and can probably best be characterized as the "conniving weasel" or "backstabber" who schemes to make the lives of others miserable. He is driven by petty jealousy and wants desperately to be seen as a power broker in his institution. Since he has no real life of his own, the Saboteur gets his jollies by undermining anybody that garners more attention than he does. Whereas the Suckup and the Radical can be dealt with politically, the Saboteur is a pest that must be exterminated.Office politics is about loyalty and trust. At some point, you will be asked to choose sides and this to me is what makes office politics ugly. I might understand this in government politics, but not in a company where we are all suppose to be on the same team. Politics is an inherent part of the corporate culture; some companies deplore it, others thrive on it. I guess it's a matter of whether a company values the concept of teamwork or rugged individualism. I have found there is much less politics in companies promoting the former versus the latter. Either way, my advice to anyone joining a new company, be it a corporation or nonprofit organization, is actually quite simple: "En Garde!"

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Moldova's Identity Politics

Apparently new uses of 'Europe' and 'Romania' since 2005 draw on Moldova's complicated history and related identity politics. Prior to 1991, there was no history of an independent state contiguous with the current territory of the Republic of Moldova. Although the Communist-led government has sought to affirm the new state's identity with the medieval principality of Moldova in MBT Shoes recent years, the current state is a distinctly Russian and Soviet creation. Medieval Moldova formed in the mid-1300s and retained independence for a century and a half before gradually becoming an Ottoman vassal state. Under the Bucharest Peace Treaty of 1812, the Ottoman Empire ceded 'Bessarabia' to Russia, and through a combination of accident and intention, the Russians extended the region, which had initially referred to a small territory in southern Wallachia along the Black Sea, to include a much larger territory in the eastern portion of the Moldovan principality. Western Moldova, meanwhile, remained under Ottoman suzerainty, and in 1859 joined Wallachia, another Ottoman vassal, to become the first Romanian state.

Historically, culturally, and linguistically, Moldova forms part of the 'Romanian lands,' but the historical, cultural, and linguistic borders of Romanian space also run through Moldova. The current Republic of Moldova includes not only Bessarabia, but also the region of Transnistria, whose ties to medieval Moldova and modern Romania are much weaker. Bessarabia and Transnistria were stitched together by the Soviet Union in 1941 to produce the Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic (MSSR), as a national republic for ethnic Moldovans, but the administrative histories of the two territories, which differed significantly even under Russian rule, have had a lasting impact on current politics. From 1812-1917, Bessarabia, the larger territory, retained a distinct identity within the Russian empire, first as MBT Chapa an imperial region (oblast'), and then as a province (guberniia). During the inter-war period when it was unified with Romania, Bessarabia also maintained a distinct administrative identity. Transnistria, however, had no administrative identity within the Russian Empire; it only gained some political identity when it was chiseled out of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic as part of the Moldovan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (MASSR) from 1924-40 (Figure 2).

In the early 1990s, Moldova's politics were dominated by questions concerning the new state's identity relative to Romania. Should Moldova unify with Romania Should it be a second Romanian state if it persisted as a 'Moldovan' state, what that meant Political opinion divided along an ideological continuum of Romanianism and Moldovanism. At one end of the continuum, Romanianists argued for unification with Romania; at the opposite end, Moldovanists maintained that Moldovans constituted a distinct people, requiring their own state. Many factors account for the fact that Moldova and Romania did not unite. However, the divergent histories of the country's sub-regions would have contributed considerable barriers to such a plan had it been actively pursued. Not only did the Soviet Union join Bessarabia and Transnistria into a new political unit, it also separated part of Bessarabia that bordered the Black Sea, the Bugeac, and placed it within the borders of the Ukrainian SSR. Reversing the effects of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact to return Bessarabia to Romania would therefore have been doubly difficult, if not impossible, because the status of both Transnistria and the Bugeac would have required renegotiation.

Since 1994, all of Moldova's governments have pursued a Moldovanist path to varying degrees. Yet the question of the country's relationship to Romania has never fully disappeared. Indeed, the intensity of pro-Romanian sentiment in the early 1990s was also used by Transnistrian political leaders who capitalized on minority fears over a possible unification with Romania to declare independence. While Transnistria's independence is unrecognized, efforts to resolve its status have been unsuccessful, and the conflict remains 'frozen.' In this, and many other issues, 'Romania' has continued to influence Moldovan politics at a symbolic level, even as actual possibilities for unification become more distant. Thus when 'Romania' reappeared as an important symbol in 2005, its meaning drew on previous identity politics and the complexities of Moldova's historical relations with Romania.

Friday, October 14, 2011

MLM Politics Are Unnecessary

MLM politics are inevitable when you are working with a large multilevel marketing institution. One of the best approaches to this problem is to commit yourself to a dressing issues as they arise. This will set you apart from others who do not have the professional hospitality required to sustain the success of the overall mission. The relationships you establish will be the difference between your success and precious time wasted.

Before you jump in to any MLM opportunity one should take a really close look at the products and services being promoted. This is where you are being called to make a honest determination of how well what they're offering will fare in the market. If it is something that can be acquired in any store; one should take this as a sign that will help them gauge the reality of what they are committing themselves to.

Your down line will appreciate your respecting their time by ensuring that everything you are requiring them to participate in is useful.

They want to acquire the strategies and instruments to help them be successful. It is you responsibility to help them differentiate between trainings that are helpful and show cases that flaunt the success of others.

It is highly recommended that you test the market of your business venture before you dissolve your current employment standing. This will give you an opportunity to build the confidence you need to acquire success; and preserve the income from your current job. Your immediate family should be thoroughly educated about your plan of approach so that they can provide the support you will need.

Someone who is excited about joining the efforts of a multilevel marketing firm should be given all the strategies and tools they need.

In listing someone into your down line makes you responsible for ensuring that they thoroughly understand what is expected of them. It's always important to treat them as you would want to be treated in the journey of becoming a reputable entrepreneur.

There is always a demand for MLM representatives to enlist family members and friends into their business. This generally creates a strain on personal and professional relationships that are heavily dependent upon your numbers. Sharing a product or service that can enhance the quality of life for most allows you the flexibility you need to avoid harassing your most cherished people.

Spending time with those who have been actively participation in the multilevel marketing Institute of your choice is important. One should be looking for healthfulness among peers and leadership qualities that keep people feeling connected. Competitive relationships can place a strain on the overall efforts of the entire establishment. This should serve as a warning sign that you might find yourself struggling in your efforts.

MLM politics prohibit the success of everyone involved with the multilevel marketing efforts. When you discover that you are being compromised by behaviors that go against the grain of what you are trying to accomplish; it may be time to reconsider your involvement. Maintaining a positive attitude about the products or services you are selling is key when you want to achieve your desired results.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Political Science Programs

Political science programs range from associate's degrees to doctoral degrees; the type of degree program you choose should depend on what your career goals are. Students of other majors also typically take political science courses to fulfill their general education requirements. Some students in majors such as journalism may also minor in political science to supplement their education and make themselves more viable job candidates with an area of specialty. There are many things you can learn by studying political science and many career options that may be open to you with this type of education.Political science courses teach more than just politics. On a basic level, you will gain an understanding of how our political system works and how other political systems throughout the world have worked. You will also learn the histories of all these systems to gain a broad understanding of how things came to be the way they are. You will learn about legal systems and judicial systems. During the completion of a political science program, you will also gain valuable critical thinking skills, learn how to communicate effectively and learn how to conduct thorough research with a high level of accuracy.Students of political science programs may go on to become politicians, political pundits, press secretaries, lawyers or judges. They may also become teachers, journalists or take completely different career paths that have little to do with the political world. Some of these jobs may also require additional education such as law school, but the political science degree forms a solid foundation to start from. Since political science courses require a great deal of researching, writing, critical thinking and analysis, the skills gained in these programs could apply to numerous fields.Political science programs are useful for anyone who wants a career in politics or in the legal field, but these degrees are useful for many other career goals as well. If you have an interest in how our world's societal structures work and a knack for doing research and thinking critically, this could be an ideal major for you. And if you're undecided, you could always take a political science course to see how you like it.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Politics For Beginners

I am amazed by some of the people whom I encounter every day who do not know anything about politics. Everyone should know how their government works so I am writing down my old college notes as a beginner's guide. As it's the credit crunch some of you will feel too busy and confused by the political situation and the criticism of the government on financial and borrowing matters. This is why everyone should take a little time to understand government rolls and why they affect everything from your home insurance to your grocery bill.

The United Kingdom is run with a democratic government. The House of Commons and The House of Lords hold the government in check although the House of Commons is the more powerful of the two houses.

We live under 'Prime Ministerial' rule - this means the rule of one person.
The powers that the P.M has depends on five key factors.

- The personality of the P.M
- Majority that the P.M has in the House of Commons
- The success of the P.M's policies
- The unity of the P.M's party
- The effectiveness of the Opposition party

Unlike in America where there is a deputy president, in the UK there is constitutionally no such role as a deputy Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister is the leader of the House of Commons.

He appoints and dismisses members of the government. He is also the Chairman of the Cabinet. The Prime Minister has his own offices and advisors and is the most important representative of the Government. The P.M holds wide powers of patronage and also chooses the date of the general election.

Now for a bit of economics. There is no excuse not to pay attention to this part if news coverage of the credit crunch has left you baffled.

Economics basically means the study of using scarce resources as efficiently as possible so that society's unlimited demands for goods and services can be met.

The term that we so often hear in the news 'the public sector' refers to the sector run by the state like Government departments, Local Government and Nationalised Industries. The main role of the public sector is to provide efficient and adequate services.

The term 'the Private Sector' refers to organisations that are privately owned such as companies, clubs, partnerships etc. The main role of the private sector is to maximise profits.

Recession is a state of affairs that indicate a down turn in the business cycle. Output and investment has dropped, demand has dropped and unemployment has risen. This can be caused by a number of factors i.e. external factors such as a world oil crisis.

Reflation is a policy to combat recession. The policy may include reducing interest rates, reducing taxes, increasing public spending and devaluing the currency.