Saturday, December 31, 2011

Political Science

A political essay is a precise text that is aimed at commenting on a particular political issue a theory. Also, a political essay comment on practice. Political essay are common among students taking political science courses. Also, the political essay is common in composition classes. Students find it difficulty to write a political essay. This is because the students make the wrong argument. Most students assume a political essay is an argumentative essay. This in turn affects the quality of the political essay as the students do not know how to present their ideas. The students assume that a political essay should persuade the reader to a specific issue as it an argumentative essay.

A political essay is not necessary an argumentative essay. A political essay can take different forms, but it does not need to be an argument.

For example, a political essay can be an expository essay. Also, a political essay can be an essay that is aimed at informing people about a particular issue. Most students perform poorly because they make assumptions that are not true. Most of the political essay deals with politics in one way or another. But, this  does not mean that  the  political essay is  rooted  on views  of  various  political  parties  or  political  issues. Politics involve issues, topics and practices that are linked to the government and the government culture. This implies that a political essay can be an issue that is common in the political field. For example, capitalism and communism. In addition, a political essay can deal with issues like leadership styles and political agreement. Students should choose the right topic when writing a political essay. The topic of the political essay should be related to the course. For example, students can discuss issues affecting the government in a political science course that focuses on governmental issues. Students have opted to get political essay from companies that offer political essay. A company offering political essay should have the right qualities.

The company offering political essay should have qualified political essay writers. The writers should be able to write political essay that addresses the needs of the student. The political essay should address the needs of the reader. When writing an argumentative essay, the writer should state his or her arguments courtly. An argumentative essay should be written well. The writer should support his or her points using relevant content. Students are supposed to submit quality political essay. The writer should ensure the political essay has no grammatical mistakes. Also the political essay should not be plagiarized. When writing an expository political essay, the writer should include the views of the reader in the essay. The writer should ensure the political essay meets the student’s needs and instructors needs.

In addition, the writer should use the right sources when writing the political essay. For example, the writer should use both secondary and primary sources when writing political essay. Students are supposed to use the right sources when writing political essay. The instructors grade students political essay according to the content of the essay and the sources used. Students who submit low quality political essay get low marks. Also students who submit political essay that are not cited properly get low marks. The company should ensure the student is satisfied with the quality of the political essay before paying for it. Also, the company should have the  right system to  address clients needs. Clients have different needs that need to be addressed.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Are You Politically Incorrect?

Do you wonder if you should open the door for a woman, let them go first, pay for their meal? (Admittedly, this first part is for men, but don't let that stop you women from reading on. )

Why do you wonder? You open the door for someone out of respect. You let someone go ahead of you out of respect. You pay for their meal because you want to. OR - You DON'T. It's that simple.

A successful person once said, "If you follow the crowd, you walk in the crowd's doo doo." Another way of putting it might be, if you do what everyone else does, you might think you're right, but if you're not true to yourself, you are wrong.

Constantly trying to be politically correct is too big of a hassle, don't you think? The rules are always changing. Not only that, but maybe the other person has a different interpretation of what is politically correct.

Who is right?

Good feelings should promote your actions, because good feelings usually promote good actions.

If you are doing something for someone because you think that is what they want, you have a chance of being wrong. We can't always know what the other person wants -- even if you've been with this person for a long time. That person could have changed his or her ways overnight and they didn't tell you. Remember this, most people will respect you more if you do something for them... because you want to do something for them.

You need to find your base. You need to know who you are. You need to know what is acceptable to YOU. In other words, be true to yourself.

If you are intent on being your own person, on being the best you can be, you won't have to wonder what is correct. Stick to your values.

Realize that this game, "If I do this, then you'll do that, and I'll get this, etc." isn't any fun anymore.

Play your own game. A game called, "Is this something I can be proud of?" Or, "Would I want someone to do this for, or to, me?" Determine what's more important -- doing what's right for you, or doing what's politically correct.

Never lose your faith in yourself.

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Achieve Political Success Through A Promotional Product Political Campaign

All political candidates may not agree on political, societal or economic issues, but it is safe to infer political candidates agree that a successful political campaign builds public support and success.Political campaigns, similar to marketing campaigns, must use effective and useful slogans in order to grasp a typically uninterested audience. In order to do so, political candidates need to get up and work for support. How can Barack Obama or Rudy Giuliani accomplish this, you inquire? Well, that is simple - through political promotional products!The single most important thing to accomplish in any campaign, whether it is a marketing campaign or political campaign, is name recognition. A political candidate will never achieve success if no one knows who they are. A simple way for a political candidate to accomplish name recognition is by using promotional products in their political campaign. Two very simple and common ways to do this is through using catchy political signs in yards or bumper stickers on cars. Other promotional products ideal for a political campaign are buttons. These three promotional products can effectively promote any political candidates name at home, while driving and while walking around.Every political candidate wants to ensure their constituents are able to quickly identify the issues their political campaign supports. This may seem easy at the surface, but it is not. The current political campaign for president is filled with multiple potential political candidates. All of these potential political candidates have very different views on a myriad of issues. In order for political candidates to effectively clarify what issues they support, they could consider printing their causes on different colored awareness bracelets. This way, supporters and political candidate alike would be able to quickly identify which issues are important and to whom. Another way issue recognition can be clarified is through political balloons. Balloons have been used in political campaigns for years, but that is because they are easily noticeable, readable and depending on their size, can be seen for miles.Trying to decide what promotional products to give at conventions or election night? A great promotional product that is perfect for outdoor conventions is a hand fan. A politically themed hand fan can allow potential voters to sit in the comfort of a cool breeze while they listen to a political candidate's speech. Looking for a perfect promotional product for election night? Get a plethora of stress balls to hand out to political campaign workers and supporters. A political stress ball can help calm everyone's minds as the voting numbers roll in through the evening.Political campaigns may be stressful and time consuming for political candidate, but through using political promotional products, getting voters attention can be simple.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Politics of Change

I am not only fascinated by politics, but by the politics of change, if there is one unchanging motif that runs through the common history of man, it is that everything changes, except change itself. How we change, and its process tells us more about who we are as nations and individuals and it is that fearful but persistent change that tells us not only who we are, but who we were and perhaps who we might be. I know many have distaste to all things political, because of the common association with corruption and scandal which pervades the political society. It is true that politics unfortunately is inhabited by desperate men and women who abuse the power entrusted to them, and many of them, not all of them are circus elephants.

But does that mean one should despair with and ignore politics?

It does surprise me that when I talk to people who are by their own right apathetic towards politics, they consider it to be some new age phenomenon, or when I speak with devout religious persons who consider that politics as it is today was not apparent in the days of the Moses, Mohammed or Guru Nanak.

When people ask me why I am so interested in politics, I recall my first lesson in Government and Politics when I was 16, my lecturer Mr. McSweeny, broke politics down to "who gets what says who". Who gets what says who in society and on this planet should be a concern of everyman or woman who has a life to lead and a family to feed.

To ignore politics is to test that old French proverb " if you do not do politics, politics will certainly do you". As Aristotle observed, one of the many penalties of refusing to engage in politics is to allow yourself to be ruled be inferior individuals than yourself.

That is why I always pay close attention to the politics of today, simple labels immersed in complex situations always require the closest attention, lest one be girded in the whirlwind of propaganda, where the myths are legion and the truth of the matter very hard to find.

Myths are found in conflicts regional or religious, the global market system, which hitherto stands victorious operates under a pretext of myth or confidence, but of course we must be free to interpret the language we hear and the actions we see, but we must always arm ourselves with how and why although rarely are these two propositions ever satisfied in the hearts of men.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Begin The Plan Early For Political Science College Degree From Popular Universities

Political Science diplomas range from an Associate's Degree program all the way to a Doctoral Level College degree. The world of Political Science is continually changing, which implies that even lifetime individuals should return to university every so often. Hence , many political science schools offer certificate programs allowing specialists can go and become knowledgeable on the most up-to-date ideas of the Political Science world.Its in this phase in a young person's schooling that he/she is subjected to a wide variety of ability , therefore establishing diversity and efficiency. The most essential of these capabilities is one's capability to conduct thorough and reliable research. Whether one is writing reports or thinking of political prospects, reliable research is a critical first step toward fulfilling any task. The newly arrived Information Age requires excellence in oral and written communication skills, which the Political Science degree will offer to any young individual. Being able to communicate with potential voters is absolutely important , whether the young person is a politician, attorney, or political pundit. Poli-Sci majors also develop a comprehensive analysis of government systems. Young people of this program master to view politics through the global eye, evaluating how worldwide and native standards interact with each other. This is essential as understanding the global community's law regulations and, by extension, their societies will ensure peaceful and prosperous relations of all the world's nations.It is not a new major; it's been around since the Ancient Greek and Roman government authorities. Thus, government has and will normally be a part of the Earth's cultures, which ensures certain work in a wide range of fields to the graduating Political Science majors from top political science schools. Beginning Political Scientists usually work as analysts, supplying a political applicant with the important information for a speech or debate. Teachers will probably be required to train the material both at the high university and school level. Judges, attorneys, and press secretaries all develop from the completion of a Political Science degree program. Numerous select not to hold office. Instead, they become political commentators who write best-selling books or run talk shows in order to strengthen politics viewpoints to prospective voters who may be unenlightened about different governmental candidates.To conclude, this major is the many helpful for a young person to take for a profession in the future because nation-wide politics will continue to have a place in all the world's cultures, ensuring a place of work for the masters. ability taught during training will serve the young individual through school, work, and life.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Career in political science

After completing the senior secondary schooling, a student is always very worried about his career and looks for the career options, which suits him the best. There are many opportunities, which a student can choose and opt as his career. The interest of the student and the availability of seat in the college also make a difference to what a student ends up in choosing his career as. The colleges in India provide a number of courses, to students for pursuing their career in, but there is limited number of seats in every college, which again confines the admission of students into their desired college. There are three basic fields, which sub divides into many and further provide a vast number of career opportunities to students. Among all the fields of science, commerce and arts, Arts is the field, which is supposed to be the easiest in terms of education. The field of arts, are generally based on the study of the human behaviour in different situations, and has subjects like social science, political science, economics, etc. Other than the subjects relating to communications, management, social sciences, students these days have been seen taking interest in the political structure of the society. Political science is the study of the political behaviour, system and the political structure of the country or an organisation. The need of youngsters and their innovative ideas in shaping and refining the political situation of the country has motivated more of the students to opt political sciences as their subjects for college education. There are undergraduate as well as post graduate courses available in the subject of political science. There are many colleges in India, which provide corresponding courses in political science. It's not only the government or the political parties, where a student can work after doing a course in political sciences. The students with degrees in political science are called political scientists and have a huge scope in both the government and the private sectors of the country.The colleges in India, focuses on all the modern aspects of the study with respect to political science. Starting from the old structure or the phenomenon, the students are taught the ongoing developments, plus what changes are required to keep the country growing, with a better prospect and redefining its political structure. The students are given classes on human rights, intellectual property rights, social laws, etc, which are highly important for the succession of the country in the right direction. Few of the colleges in India, which provide political science course, are: Delhi College of Arts and Commerce St, Xavier's College, Kolkata Bhavan's College, Andheri West, Mumbai  College of Fine Arts, Thiruvanandapuram  Presidency College, Kolkata Lady Sri Ram College for Women, New Delhi Garden City College, Bangalore:  Hans Raj College, New Delhi Madras Christian College, Chennai Ramjas College, New Delhi Fergusson College, PuneThe aspirants for the career in political sciences, should have great general knowledge, plus should be able to interpret and perceive things well. Thinking in a positive manner and for the benefits of the citizens is the top most priority of the people involved in the political lead of the country. Other than the political field of the country, students can also have a flourishing career with the organisations like banks, consultancies, law firms, social research work organisations, embassies, colleges and institutes, etc. The career scope of the students with political science as their subject is quite bright, and the students must possess the values of truthfulness and loyalty. Also, the students, should be able to bond well with people and should have an optimistic approach towards the works assigned to them and should always think about the betterment of the society.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Indian Politics

The Indian political system has come a long way since it got independence in 1947. Forming a constitution in itself was a great achievement and the first step to development. Though India is still developing, but it can be said that she has come a long way since independence.

She is standing tall on her feet after being a crippled colony for over a century by building the constitution, forming central and state governments and building the whole concept of administration and economy starting from zilch, which is a great achievement. Sadly though, the current state of politics has nullified the effect of these initial steps and the people of India itself abhor the administration phenomena altogether.

From Indians standing united against the British rule we have come to a point where we are now nothing more than some communist standing only for grouped sections of society.

It wouldn't be wrong if I replace the 'way' in the above sentence with 'wrong way'.

Indian politics is now not only synonymic with corruption, red tape-ism, and opportunist leaders, there is more to it. There are leaders still, who do their bit religiously and not for the benefit of some sect. The government today stands on support of many hands, that for some is a disadvantage, and in some cases it is so, but in others, doesn't it simply means joining hands for the betterment of the country?

The Indian politics has attained such a pessimist's attitude lately that it has become hard for the Indian public to believe in this republic and her leaders!

Indians just don't see anything positive in the steps taken and reforms adopted. Maybe it's just a bitter effect of the bad experiences in the past! But I think that Indians should not give up hope.

We are equally responsible for the current state of India as much as the leaders.

We don't act in responsible ways.

We don't vote.

We don't protest against things they think are wrong.

We don't behave responsibly and litter around anywhere that they possibly can.

We don't treat public property properly!

If I go on in this fashion, the list would be endless but the punch that I want to make here is not the complaining that we all can do, but the effort.

Lets all stand tall to remove all the loopholes!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Europe, Politics, and Religion

The face of Europe has been defined by countless wars due to religion and politics. They are the most significant factors that form the contours of the continent ever since its political history started. Wars cloaked in the name of religion were waged numerous times resulting to millions of murder cases. On top of this great loss of human life, grief, suffering, and material loss were part of the general destruction brought about by European religion and politics. Some of the most glaring cases of such conflicts were Hitler's Final Solution which massacred about 6 million Jews, and the crusade for the Holy Grail which left millions affected, including hundreds of thousands of people killed and wounded. Although the two World Wars, which also resulted to several millions of people greatly affected, were not directly products of religion and politics mixing, they were said to be the start of weakening of religion. The era of industrialization in the past century brought gradual decline to the influence of religion in Europe's political sphere. Or so most people thought. Religion has always been an inherent aspect in the life of everyone in the continent; it has even become an even potent force that can engineer political changes in Europe at the start of the 21st century.Examples of conflicts due to religion and politics The Irish Civil War is one of the best examples of a conflict due to the mix of politics and religion. This decades-long war was waged between Catholics and Protestants, with each side claiming they are on good side. Affecting millions of lives, the Irish civil war is just one of the many conflicts around the world between Protestants and Catholics. Another influential factor that still resonates in the bullrings of many European states even today was the catastrophic anti-Jewish activism initiated by Hitler before and during the Second World War. The effect of Hitler's fervent anti-Semitism was the mass murder of 6 million Jews. The cause was Nazism, viewed almost as a religion, but fortunately a failed one, in Germany and its occupied states at the height of Hitler's reign. Both sad incidents all stem from a basic problem of religion spilling over the influence of politics in the continent. The religious unrest in Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia also resulted to a number of genocide cases, instability to the region for several years, and Balkanization or the birth of smaller Balkan states.Today's form of religious and political unrest The present issue on terrorism actually comes from religious matters that overlap into the political sphere. Islam fundamentalism is the manifestation of incompatibility of religion and politics. This problem has grown to such extreme that no country in the world today is spared from it. The growing animosity between Islam and other major religions affects other aspects of life. Personal religious differences can sometimes spark into bigger conflicts ranging from simple street fights to country-wide inter-religious upheavals.As a personal note, there should always be a clear-cut boundary between politics and religion. Although this is easier said than done, governments must ensure that civic activities such as the Australian Federal Election, or any other national elections in countries should be properly defined to minimize religious and political mix.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Portraits for Political Figures


Portrait artists are some of the most award artists that are around today. Some of the certain types of portraits commission with portrait artists are political portraits. In fact there are many famous portrait artists who specialize in on doing certain types of portraits. For portrait artists to be commissioned to do that particular type of art, they would have to be very experienced and come highly recommend by some very influential people.

There are so many more names to choose from, these are just some to show that if you are able to get just one break you too could be painting political portraits and making yourself famous. Some of the well known people that have had paintings completed by portrait artists from American politics are the honorable Ms Hillary Clinton, Lawrence Eagleburger & James A. Baker, the then president Bill Clinton, President Gerald Ford, and the then Secretary of State Colin Powell.

It is said that you can spend days in the building just walking around looking at the portraits of all the past presidents. With so many influential people who have been in the white house, they have dedicated a special room just for portraits; they say that there are several portraits of previous presidents throughout the building and home.

Although presidents and major political people have lots of memories and material things that they can take with them, there is something very special about hand painted family portraits. It doesn't matter where you move to, or who you are it is very special to have a family heirloom such as a portrait to hand down to your children and eventually your grandchildren. Family portraits can capture what was going on in your life at that time and they have the ability to capture private intimate moments that are kept out of prying eyes. Most of the presidents and their families have had at least two portraits taken and will have the best piece of memorabilia to take with them when they do leave the white house.

Most people take their privacy and freedom for granted, if you are a political figure, as we have all read at one time or another there is no such thing as privacy and there is very little private time that you can share with your family. How nice would that be for political families that get to have very few private moments?