Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sources of Political News

Political News
What source do you use to get political news? Are you sure you are reading or watching an unbiased version of events? Recent polls suggest that most journalists tend to be liberal and thus are more likely to vote Democrats than Republicans. Depending on the individual or the network they work for, their private opinions can sometimes affect the quality of the news they broadcast.
It is a journalist's job to bring the news to the public but it should be presented without being influenced by their personal opinion. They are obliged to tell the truth and remain independent from the event being covered. This is fine in theory but in practice how often are the news people or the publications or networks they represent impartial?
Some people believe that political news is always biased depending on the source of the information. For example certain individuals will only believe what they hear on Fox news and not CNN, while others prefer CNN. Some people believe that Fox leans to the right while others maintain it just provides the news in a format that suits their listeners. At the end of the day, it is a matter of education. You should try to obtain information from a variety of sources so that you can form your own educated opinion on current events. Political news will often be controversial. Good news never sold newspapers or increased ratings!
But the people reporting political news should let the facts prove the point. They shouldn't be tempted to stretch the truth particularly if the reason for doing so is to improve ratings. But this is a theoretical argument. In a society where the news stations with better ratings are more successful and thus earn more money, it is probably unrealistic to expect them to remain totally impartial to events happening in political waters.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Key Benefits of Political Blogs

Political BlogsThe most important aspect of choosing a news source to stay current on the news is: Are they reliable. Can you trust them? Do they tell you the truth and not just the news.
With the information age in full swing, we have many options for news, from social media, online videos, many thousands of news sites. But what are the best sources for news?
You'll need to cover a lot of ground quickly with the information and news that current media and talking heads provides. And it really is hard tell if the story you are reading is getting you not only the facts but to the core of the story as quickly as you can. With the information age upon us it is quit easily to get inundated with just that: information and really nothing that will get us where we need to go.
Political Blogs, when well chosen are a big help. There are many sides and many that may be based on your political position: Conservative? Liberal? Are you somewhere in between?
It is a good idea to get linked up via twitter, your phone or PDA with a major news source that is known for giving accurate information and top stories. A simple example: I know a friend that likes to hear about USA news from none other than the BBC, if you can believe that. NPR will get you connected to major 'behind the scenes' looks and views of common stories you may have heard about but not the whole story.
Then we have the blogs. What you'll get with these really are the true experts if you pick something sanctioned by Universities or connected to accurate news reporting sites, i.e. NPR who have access to experts in a field but just are not trying to sell ad space.
And going deeper into the trenches you'll find some niche blogs that really have a bone to pick or a serious issue at hand that they need to address. Even blogs that handle and cover up and coming movements as things are changing constantly today in the world of politics and current events.
It is with these blogs you can potentially get the briefs you need, the truth and an insight on any grass roots movements that may be in fact creating news rather that just reporting it.
And lastly with all of this, you can narrow things down to the stories (told truthfully) that really matter to you and not just to a newscaster or news media Company's income.
I sincerely hope this article helps you in finding the news you need and as efficiently as you can, as there is always two sides to every story and many stories at that. I have found picking the right twitter account to follow with a few other choice social media accounts got me started. Then searching online until things started lining up. Then it was a simple matter of book marking and subscribing to the appropriate sources. Thanks again for reading, good luck at staying informed.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Critical Need For A Third Major Political Party In America Today

Regardless of the day, month or year it is right now, there has been a constant nagging in every Americans soul, sans 'the good times' we all probably shared doubt that a 'two party system' brings with it.
The aspect of a third and distinctive political party in America at any point in it's political history always will bring with it a great risk of simply more confusion, political rancor and a 'political money machine' to be fed.
This is exactly what we do not need at this juncture in Americas Political history.
A shot was taken (pun intended if you happen to pay attention to the alternate news feeds) by the Tea Party at a great step for reformation, but it simply has not been. In fact, some of the liberal left organizations are seeking reformation of the party so there could possibly be some hope for transformation in the future and not just another Reformed Old Party, if you get my drift.
Libertarianism is alive and well, and a number of political scholars, bloggers, authors, speakers and authorities on the subject and party line have started to come out of the closet. And I mean they have come out of the closet and not just for joy if you know what I am saying here. We have serious issues to address and they are not taking their cause lightly nor in lack of education on their party lines and the major issues affecting us today.
There are other grass roots movements out there, but nothing that seems to be clear on the horizon whilst the Grand Old Party and the 'Reformed" Democratic Party seem to be 'wallowing in it' in just different ways.
Of all the parties that could have made a significant stand for change, The Tea Party was our main hope and this hope has dimmed significantly and continues to stay dimmed. The problem? Bad leadership, bad direction, bad vision. Just like the occupy movement. All necessary for change but even at the grass roots level we all seem to floundering with vague, mis-directed, misguided hopefulness for some tenacious thorn to be removed for the even beckoning wound to heal. And heal it must, but not in the direction our leadership nor our grass roots politics is taking us.
Is there a third political party in your horizon? Do you have any thoughts, ideas, issues of concerns or aspirations for political change that has simply not happened and continues to not even be a glimmer in the far and distant future? You may communicate your thoughts on any of the many social networks, not just yours. Please do contribute your ideas, we need change and we need it soon.