Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cable TV Ads and Online Video Volumes During Political Season

I know, I know it is political season, a couple of weeks before the 2012 Presidential Election, so we can expect just about anyone who is a celebrity, comedian, political pundit, or political operative to say just about anything on any cable network - granted, I get it, no naïve notions here. Still, what I find puzzling is how often the news media, especially the left-leaning media, puts on guests who all say the same thing, as if rehearsed and part of a broken record algorithmic speech synthesizer only changing the voice. What bothers me the most is they are saying things which "simple aren't so."

You see, I keep hearing this phrase; "Mitt Romney's economic plan just doesn't add up," explaining that the math is bad and it isn't possible. One recent Obama Campaign spokesperson in Florida stated; "the math is missing, the numbers do not add up."

There is no missing math, it's that the Obama team can't count on new jobs in their proposal or in their own economic record - thus, believe that no one else can create jobs either. But Obama is running his team as socialists might, whereas, Romney is a free-market capitalist, and there is a big difference in how those economic philosophies do math. Why just look at Europe to see where Obama is taking America.

That surely doesn't add up. You see, Romney's plan will work to streamline and reduce small business regulations and that will create jobs, millions of them, meaning more employees paying into the system - more government revenue - why can't the socialists get that? Good question. The answer is simple; because these socialist left-leaners don't get it and have never run a business.

Is this the only thing that is bothering me with regards to this election? Hardly, but let me give you another way the media is assisting Obama in his reelection. Recently, I noted when watching NBC TV videos online, political speeches one after another, I noted the volume change when it was Obama or Joe Biden giving the speech and then when Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan was speaking the volume went down to a lower level on the video. Is it favoritism, random, or planned to give the democrats a boost? Well, I am not a conspiracy theorist but at this point I would believe it to be the latter.

Do you think that the audio mixers or sound bite editors are always ethical? Remember the Trevor Martin case where they left out parts of the 9-11 call? Why? Simple, better ratings, stir controversy, make a political statement and then cash in on all the sound and fury - the media is known for this (cite: Don Henley's song; Dirty Laundry).

Why is all this so serious when it comes to down to the wire during election time you ask? Because this is about the future of our country, and it should be up to the people, not decided by media trickery. A slight modification in search engine, or online news results of only a few percentage points of positive news stories of a given candidate over the other for instance could be enough to swing a close election - which could change the history of the world - and change the United States of America forever. It's serious. Please consider all this and think on it.