Thursday, December 1, 2011

Portraits for Political Figures


Portrait artists are some of the most award artists that are around today. Some of the certain types of portraits commission with portrait artists are political portraits. In fact there are many famous portrait artists who specialize in on doing certain types of portraits. For portrait artists to be commissioned to do that particular type of art, they would have to be very experienced and come highly recommend by some very influential people.

There are so many more names to choose from, these are just some to show that if you are able to get just one break you too could be painting political portraits and making yourself famous. Some of the well known people that have had paintings completed by portrait artists from American politics are the honorable Ms Hillary Clinton, Lawrence Eagleburger & James A. Baker, the then president Bill Clinton, President Gerald Ford, and the then Secretary of State Colin Powell.

It is said that you can spend days in the building just walking around looking at the portraits of all the past presidents. With so many influential people who have been in the white house, they have dedicated a special room just for portraits; they say that there are several portraits of previous presidents throughout the building and home.

Although presidents and major political people have lots of memories and material things that they can take with them, there is something very special about hand painted family portraits. It doesn't matter where you move to, or who you are it is very special to have a family heirloom such as a portrait to hand down to your children and eventually your grandchildren. Family portraits can capture what was going on in your life at that time and they have the ability to capture private intimate moments that are kept out of prying eyes. Most of the presidents and their families have had at least two portraits taken and will have the best piece of memorabilia to take with them when they do leave the white house.

Most people take their privacy and freedom for granted, if you are a political figure, as we have all read at one time or another there is no such thing as privacy and there is very little private time that you can share with your family. How nice would that be for political families that get to have very few private moments?