Monday, June 27, 2011

Shoes and Politics

Shoes and feet seem to be a tendency to leave at any time. Since the passage of Bush's shoes in Iraq after Premier Wen Jiabao flew shoes at Cambridge University has also experienced the event, the recent Israeli ambassador to Sweden in Stockholm in the Trinidad grace Cheap Nike Air Max shoes are hit directly. Who lost shoes, a reporter in Iraq, University of Cambridge and Stockholm University students.

One after another, shoes and tomatoes and eggs into a protest against the same items. No street shoes are off, maybe it will become the future activities of the politicians need to guard against street form of protest. You know, throwing tomatoes and eggs also need to prepare to do items, Air Max 24-7 shoes, no feet but it is not prepared, it is not only accessible, but not what the world security regulations may require the people do not wear shoes.

Shoes as a protest, not only because the act itself, is more important is that people throw shoes made of Culture.

The behavior of the Iraqi journalists Zaidi D. Momtaz, let people know that people throw themselves to the wearing of foot protection, but his religious world, the biggest insult to the people said. The emergence of this sense, making throwing shoes into a possible act to follow, and is the most convenient manner, the most serious insult.

Protest, the objective of contemporary political culture is a routine condition. How to understand the protest and how the face of protests, to some extent shows the maturity of political culture. Not only by the political culture to reflect the behavior of politicians, but also by the attitude of society and the public to reflect more be reflected in the design of the system. Schadenfreude on the protest or angry, not only grace any errors, but also anywhere in the world will not be considered a mature political culture. The protests as normal, I heard the voice of protest, and the peace treat, not just to get brownie points, but also enhance political vitality. The richness of the world and human differences, determines the politicians to face the possibility of shoes, and all acts of the shoes only have a limited passage of the legal consequences, because it still stay in the attitude rather than physical injury, and its legal consequences to Since the expression of attitudes formed in order to prejudice.

Throwing things may be multiplied shoes, but nothing extraordinary. The so-called "the greatest insult," does not represent the interpretation of actual damage, but only throw Air Max 2009 shoes themselves symbolically psychological satisfaction, compared with tomatoes or eggs, not more political significance of the shoes.