Friday, June 3, 2011

Politic in Some Different Views for Society Education

Many people in the world especially they who have never felt higher education than elementary school, even have never gone to school consider that politic is always dirty, not good, and not useful. Precisely it’s not only because of education level, but sometimes also social condition in each nation. Because of that reason, they become an apathetic in political news, opinion, or other events related to the government such as the election, the most events that each country holds in the world.Since politic definition is known with wrong meaning, it’s necessary for us to know what politic is. So, for good knowledge, I’ll take its definition from different views among the famous figure in some countries.According to Aristotle, one of the western philosophers, the definition of politic is everything in its character can apply the kindness in the society. This definition includes all of society’s matter such as the government, liberty, justice, property, rights, law and the enforcement of a legal code which can bring prosperity for everyone in society.If we adopt an idea from Al-Banna, one of the Middle East reformers, he said that politic is everything used to think about internal and external society’s matter. Political internal is to manage government matter, to explain its functions, to elaborate upon the obligation and rights, to do the monitoring for government, if they do the kindness, it should be submissive, and criticism for the mistake. While political external is to keep independence and nation freedom, bring it to reach the goal that can give it position in the midst of other countries, and free it from suppression and intervention other parties in it matters.Both of them noted politic as a way of getting kindness. Is there anything wrong with all definition? The answer is no. Politic is like a knife, you can use it for kindness or badness, it’s depend much on executor’s hands, but basically, politic is absolutely a mean for kindness. The election, as the biggest event on each country, needs a good political knowledge of all people. U.S is an example country which has the biggest number of citizens who care about the election. Another example is Palestine. There are a lot of citizens who care about the leader of their nation. Both of U.S and Palestine have different background on what reason causes the citizen care about the election. U.S with a big numbers of educated people and Palestine with their country’s condition besides good education too. But there is more country that still can’t apply the political education for its citizen and become apathetic. Some choose abstention while others make worst case. This is a good time for us to learn more about politic, so that we can do more kindness for our society to become better nation. Although there are other opinions about politic definition from different view, but we can use only two ideas above because most of definitions also give a kindness purpose for politic explanation. Understanding the politic and you will get better knowledge.