Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Critical Need For A Third Major Political Party In America Today

Regardless of the day, month or year it is right now, there has been a constant nagging in every Americans soul, sans 'the good times' we all probably shared doubt that a 'two party system' brings with it.
The aspect of a third and distinctive political party in America at any point in it's political history always will bring with it a great risk of simply more confusion, political rancor and a 'political money machine' to be fed.
This is exactly what we do not need at this juncture in Americas Political history.
A shot was taken (pun intended if you happen to pay attention to the alternate news feeds) by the Tea Party at a great step for reformation, but it simply has not been. In fact, some of the liberal left organizations are seeking reformation of the party so there could possibly be some hope for transformation in the future and not just another Reformed Old Party, if you get my drift.
Libertarianism is alive and well, and a number of political scholars, bloggers, authors, speakers and authorities on the subject and party line have started to come out of the closet. And I mean they have come out of the closet and not just for joy if you know what I am saying here. We have serious issues to address and they are not taking their cause lightly nor in lack of education on their party lines and the major issues affecting us today.
There are other grass roots movements out there, but nothing that seems to be clear on the horizon whilst the Grand Old Party and the 'Reformed" Democratic Party seem to be 'wallowing in it' in just different ways.
Of all the parties that could have made a significant stand for change, The Tea Party was our main hope and this hope has dimmed significantly and continues to stay dimmed. The problem? Bad leadership, bad direction, bad vision. Just like the occupy movement. All necessary for change but even at the grass roots level we all seem to floundering with vague, mis-directed, misguided hopefulness for some tenacious thorn to be removed for the even beckoning wound to heal. And heal it must, but not in the direction our leadership nor our grass roots politics is taking us.
Is there a third political party in your horizon? Do you have any thoughts, ideas, issues of concerns or aspirations for political change that has simply not happened and continues to not even be a glimmer in the far and distant future? You may communicate your thoughts on any of the many social networks, not just yours. Please do contribute your ideas, we need change and we need it soon.