Friday, April 13, 2012

How to Compete With a Computer in the World of Politics

During the 2008 presidential elections I watched our Teleprompter in Chief get up and make great speeches, I was impressed because as a former franchisor before retirement, I understand all whole lot about branding, and I also understand marketing and the media. It was as if this guy couldn't miss a beat, and I wondered who was advising him, and who his image consultant was. It seemed like magic, and mind you I am not a Democrat, and as much as I enjoyed watching this brilliant marketing campaign, I'm the last person in the world who would've voted for him. Okay so let's talk about this for second shall we?
During that election I remember making a comment to a friend of mine. I jokingly said;
"He's not human, he's an artificially intelligent robot, and they must scan the news the day before even a day of, and go through the entire Internet to find out what people's perception and opinions happened to be, and then they put all that information to the speech and hand until 15 minutes before you reads it."
Yes, I know that sounds funny, but consider this if you will; it doesn't matter if President Obama had an artificial intelligent computer writing those speeches previously, because in the future presidents running for office will.
Okay so how you compete with the computer in the world of politics, that's the question, because in the future someone will have to answer this question or they will lose to the politician behind a podium with the best artificial intelligent computer; Mark my words! Okay so, now I guess I have your attention - and you know I'm right don't you - sure, this is a potential eventuality which is on its way if it isn't already here - let's move to my next point of contention.
Now then, here is how you compete with an artificial intelligent computer program. There are some things which people will not say on the Internet for fear of political correctness, and because they know if they say it on their Facebook page they will not be "Liked" by potential friends. But that doesn't mean they won't tell you what they're thinking in private conversation. The way you can beat an artificial intelligent computer is to talk to people in private conversations in coffee shops around the country. How do I know this? Simple, because after retirement I went to every single city in the United States, and I often sat in coffee shops just to talk to the locals.
So far, artificial intelligent computers cannot read people's minds - that comes later. So right now, there is a way that you can compete against a computer in politics, so I suggest you get out there and get that done. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.