Saturday, March 10, 2012

Electric Linear Actuator Application for Simple Automation

Technology is created and intended to solve most human problem; there are inventions that came up as the solution after the inventor have to deal with such problem. Automation technology also intended to provide solution for simpler control for doing various applications. The use of electric linear actuators for solving automation problem is very popular because of the simplicity in installation and application. The electric device is designed to make controlled linear movement; the energy of the linear movement is generated from electric motor which its circular motion is transferred to linear motion by traveling nut. This mechanism is also capable to deliver strong power from small electric motor. Another advantage from this device is its simple control, for single or several integrated actuators.

The application of electric linear actuators is very popular, this device is used for furniture application, industrial machinery and other engineering application. This device is small, easy to install and also easy to control. The installation of this device will only need simple screwing on its mounting holes. The power and control wiring is also simple. The small electric actuator will only need 12 volts DC electricity as the power source; this device also can be installed together for creating integrated or simultaneous movement. The simple installation and control system provide great advantage for anyone who wanted to involve electric actuators for furniture or engineering application.