Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Moral Political Debate

I am struck at the lack of substantive issues being put forth in the debates and on the campaign trail. Oh, yes, they are talking about the economy, terrorism and tax policy. But where is the discussion of moral politics? The difference is so clear between these two candidates when we examine the heart issues, Take abortion. McCain is pro-life. Obama is not only pro-choice (above his pay grade) , but would kill a human being born alive on a botched abortion. That is murder. And Obama stands by partial birth abortion, again, murder. And how about the judges each will appoint. This is perhaps the greatest legacy any president leaves. So, do we want Ginsbergs and Souters or Roberts and Alitos? Finally, we need to know that our president knows right and wrong, good and evil. McCain has no trouble defining and seeing either. Obama stutters around these heart issues.

On what basis does each candidate decide these issues, absolute truth or relativism?

The economy is in shambles, to be sure. But, the question is: Who has the moral underpinnings to lead us? We are on a precipice. It will take a person with proven moral integrity to stand on the edge and keep us from going over. We cannot turn our backs on the moral issues as we face an uncertain world in chaos. In times of chaos people want strong, clear, moral courage and leadership. Why did the churches fill up after 911? And in Bush's finest hour, he showed the moral compass and courage our nation needed. We are here again.

The lines are clear, the real issues at hand, but no one will speak them forth. Please, John and Sarah, turn the campaign to these issues and highlight the line drawn in the sand. America is looking for moral leadership in uncertain economic times. Please!