Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Political Divide

The performance of the government is always shed light on in this modern time with freedom of speech as a great tool of exposure. It is no doubt that mistrust in the government is a direct result of political division which must be overcome to become a normal single nation again.


After all, everyone wants a Killer Sand Castle so the teacher can take a digital picture and these 4 year olds can put them on their MySpace sites to show the World. See my Sand Castle. Well then lets get busy and build the damn thing already and show the world and thus the world will desire it and sign up too. Sand Castles for everyone, build your own, I have a plan. We help you, you build, we all have beautiful sand castles with Cultural Motifs.


Why are we allowing our political divide here and why are we allowing other nations to widen the cultural divide.

We are all on this pale blue dot together and everyone is entitled to running their own sand box and building their version of the sand castle, but why all the fighting? There is enough sand for everyone on the surface of this planet. Well at least last time I checked anyway. Consider all this in 2006.