Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chicago Politics

Politics in Chicago is a national trite which brought huge talks between people all the time that started before many years. The politics in Chicago is a one party system which dominates the nation when it comes for ruling. But that domination will be democratic political tool that brings all democracy during the election period. This happens all over the world. The politics in Chicago right from 19th century till now has faced many changes. The politics that took place in 1890's was a practice of Republicans who appointed their own group or the followers. Here comes a brief description about the politics in Chicago in various periods.

1907 - 1931

Later in 1913 the women entered in the Chicago politics. This entry of women was brought as a law in Illinois in the year 1913. The Chicago Mayor William Hale Thompson thought of appointing a woman for the public welfare work in 1915.

So he decided to appoint a woman who has more experience as the party worker than knowing better about the public welfare. So Louise Rowe was appointed but forcefully resigned in a year due to the kickback scheme that came into existence in the welfare department. None of the Mayor was charged for their illegal works except for Fred Busse who was charged for his illegal work of acquiring the money from the government, distributing jobs and for distributing coal from his own company for getting votes from the people to elect him.

1933 - 1955

In the beginning every Mayor were honest in their work but in later years many of them were charged due to the illegal work they did and due to the failure of taking actions in various department. Likewise Mayor Ed Kelly was charged for his bribery work that he did during the years 1933 to 1947.

Ed Kelly was indulged in kickback schemes and for the bribery actions and later the charge on him was dropped. Later again in the year 1947 Mayor Martin Kennelly was elected. He took actions on several problems like he cleaned the school system completely then brought a modernized practice in the city but failed to take action on the police who were supporting the political influence for many illegal jobs.

1955 - 1983

Later in 1955 the city had a good growth financially and brought many schemes in the welfare of the people and the city as well. Even though many schemes were brought the school system faced many problems forcing the teachers to go for a strike for various reasons. All these problems were due to the funding problems that the Chicago government failed to issue. In 1979 Chicago people elected a woman as the Mayor which bought a revolutionary change in Chicago politics. Jane Byrne was the only woman mayor who was elected by the people of Chicago.