Friday, November 19, 2010

Political Corruption?

Lobbyist should have the right to make signs, march and protest. Outlaw a lobbyists and corporate contributions to political candidates, it should be possible? Is it really the Corporation's fault for a corrupt government? After all, if you do not play the game in Washington, DC and support through political contributions the political infrastructure then you will be slaughtered by your competition.


It is a sleazy world of politics out there but that is the reality of the current situation. If we disallow corporations to make political contributions and force all the corporations to deal in the free market on a level playing field that would make our corporations more efficient and due to free markets this would be better for customers and consumers as well. Of course we would have to deregulate as well.


If corporations do not give money to corrupt politicians then only wealthy politicians can run for office, as who else will fund them.

Only those who have a big war chest can win an election because they can overpower common sense with mass media advertising. And if corporations cannot donate money to political campaigns fanned the media will own the world because they will decide, who gets elected by giving them more airtime.


There is a huge problem in the world with corruption and unfortunately it permeates our own government. The United States of America is the greatest country ever created in the history of mankind and although it is the most fair it is still corrupt.


All governments are corrupt and the United States government is just the least corrupt.

But we still need to recognize the fact that it is not perfect. Unfortunately there's also no perfect solution. However I ask you to think on this political and philosophical thought for a moment and consider this in 2006.