Saturday, October 23, 2010

Independent California Political Parties

With voter frustration in California at an all time high, citizens have begun to look at what else is out there other than the two mainstream California political parties.  An independent California political party can offer something outside of the normal and outside the control of special interest groups.  An independent California political party may just be the remedy for this ailing state that is being chocked by gridlock and selective representation.  This past November election had several independents run for California Governor. Here are some options out there to consider during the next elections.
Libertarian Party. The political platform of the Libertarian Party favors minimal government in both business and the private lives of citizens.   They promote relatively unregulated markets, support strong civil liberties, and individual property rights.  The party is big on fiscal responsibility and never spending more than the state takes in.  They are in support of large scale government cut backs including reducing pensions, scaling back social services, and laying off of various types of state workers.
Green Party. This California political party platform consists of grass roots social change without the involvement of special interests and corporate money.  There is a strong commitment to environmental justice.  They promote ecologically sound principles when it comes to basic living as well as business development and state infrastructure.  Their economic polices focus on decentralized government with an emphasis on community based economic development.  The party is a major proponent of renewable energy and the promotion of the new California “Green Economy” where they favor government incentives for such businesses.
American Independent Party.  The party is heavily faith based and believes in constitutional principles and social conservatism.  They rally around tight immigration control, rights to bear arms, same sex marriage, pro life policies, and home schooling. Their business policies revolve around building a local manufacturing and production base that will reduce reliance on foreign imports.  They feel the average California has been long over taxed and propose major tax reform that will significantly reduce state income tax. They also feel that the California state legislature should function as a part-time entity.
Peace and Freedom Party.  As a California political party that emphasis worker rights, the party supports democratic socialism that offers an economic partnership run by state owned enterprises and private companies.  Social justice is heavily tied to work rights and regulation on economic exploitation.   They also promote a strong social safety net along with social services through the increase or corporate taxes.