Sunday, May 9, 2010

Russian Political Conflict

The group of International press has quickly pointed out discrepancies along with the election process in Russia as well as the basic conflicts among the Russia and West into the worldwide political stage. This election process deficit is probably the start of the Russian political conflict, which may affect the business aspect as well as the developing market economy of Russia in the future.

Russia, just like China, is a fast growing economy with several distinctiveness of a market financial system and some distinctiveness of a democracy. Russia's GDP has increased up to six hundred percent from the past eight years and it is now at the 1.3 trillion USD. The growing energy costs account for a few of this increase is certain; however the gas and oil make up only twenty percent of the Russia's GDP. Markets for several products have been continuously rising in Russia and the household incomes became steadily increasing from the past years, which contribute to the increase of consumers demand for all types of goods.

The sell potential, like India and China, is immense. These days, Russia is considered as the biggest European market for eight Asian automobile brands such as Nissan and Toyota. Some experts have anticipated that Russia is going account for thirty to thirty five percent from the total European motor vehicle market in two or three years. Obviously Russia today is one of the fast developing country around the world, but just like the other developing countries, no one could really tell how the present Russian political conflict will affect their growing economy.

The Russian political conflict could be one of the greatest disasters that stop the countries' growing economy.

It was in year 1998, when the Russia experience financial crisis and the political conflicts between the leaders might be one of the factors that merely affect its economic growth. The fact is that many political leaders are too busy on their personal conflicts with their opponents and that they have not been able to concentrate into some important matters such as the problems on slow economic growth.

The Russian political conflict might be one of the largest factors that put the economy of Russia into risk, but due to the efforts made by the people and the government itself, they have already recovered from this financial crisis. In fact in year 2007, Russia has obtained the 7 percent average growth since the economic crisis in 1998.