Thursday, April 8, 2010

Political Science Research Paper

Political science is a member of the social sciences academic field. It is mainly concern with the theory and execution of politics as well as the investigation of political constitution and political demeanor. Political science and politics appear obvious but to some extent, not everybody comprehends the reasons for some processes in the political field. To write quality political science papers, one must have outstanding analytical and research skills like following the political situation in the country constantly, be ware of current political state in the world especially the most powerful countries and states, leaders and organization as well as their impact on world politics, have a lot of useful knowledge about history, and have projections about the future of politics based on current situations. With all these general requirements, students writing political science papers, essays, thesis, term papers or research papers must know the several rules of thumb to help them present efficient political science papers.

A good political science paper must be properly presented in that, the organization must be logical, clearly argued, sense of evidence and perfectly documented. The first requirement in political science papers is a clear topic. When writing the paper, the political science paper writer must show the reader the significant questions and problems to the study, why the reader should be interested in them and what questions arise in the course of study that need further analysis. In the construction, one should begin with a clear problem statement that will present the general research problem to be addressed as well as the hypothesis. In addition, one should have a methodology section to explain to the reader the general research method used and provide test for the hypothesis. To avoid repetition of previous works of political science paper writers and/or illustrate the integrity of the hypothesis and methodology, a literature review section is important. In this section one indicates what other researchers, on the same topic, have written to enable readers to comprehend the full importance of the research which motivates them to read the research findings section to establish the relationship between the political science paper’s hypothesis and the results obtained. If what was found was to some extent, isn’t what was anticipated, then, clarify inconsistencies and provide additional support for the hypothesis. Lastly, in the summary section demonstrate the importance of the research and the research findings as well as predict the path for future research efforts. Generally, almost all political science papers present a clear argument, thesis or interpretation. This requires that claims and their evidence are clear to the writer and are articulated clearly to the reader. This will help explain why such evidence and reasons support the thesis. The political science paper should also address counter-arguments and counter-examples i.e. the political science paper should show awareness of alternative explanations or interpretations. A sophisticated political science paper must also explain why and how the preferred explanations were chosen and what the alternative explanations or interpretations failed to satisfy. Here, one is called upon to provide evidence and logic in support of ones arguments and not claim something is true since someone else said so. Also show awareness of possible limitations. Avoid plagiarism of ideas, detailed facts or exact wording from other sources by citing their sources.